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ISO - Aristo Sierra Passenger Car Roofs

In search of Aristocraft Sierra passenger car roofs for kit-bash. Let me know if you have any in your junk/parts box.

I have a few you can have and I live in Glocester, RI

So what is it this time Dennis? More lengthened coaches? I am doing some but only 50% bigger - taking 3 coaches and making 2.

I have another 4 derelict coaches in Florida that I was going to chop, but I don’t know how many roofs I have or what state they are in.

Stretching LGB coaches this time. These will be similar to what you are doing. Increasing the coaches to 12 windows. I didn’t realize the LGB roof windows were shorter than the coach windows and don’t match up when spliced. The Sierra roofs match better when spliced. Pics to come.