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Is it possible to replace just this part on the Bachmann Big Hauler?

Is it possible to replace just this part on the Bachmann Big Hauler (I don’t know what this is called)? The red arrows and circles show where this part has broken off. I checked the Bachmann Trains parts pages and don’t see these available. Anyone know where I could purchase this part?

Likely your best bet will be purchasing a parts loco. Some folks have also scratch built replacements.

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That seems to cause more Bachmann Big Hauler failures for me than stripped gears or any other failure. I asked on another forum months ago if anyone wanted to try 3D printing these. Several people said they knew folks who did but I never got any contact information.

The problem with getting this part or even an entire steam chest assembly from a “parts” locomotive it that the replacement part will probably be the same age as the original part, and just as likely to be ready to give out. Some 3D printing resins would have the same problem, of course.

I’ve wondered about fabricating them from metal, but haven’t tried it yet.

Sorry, not much help, I know. But maybe someone else has a better idea?

I applied Gorilla glue to the two breaks and have been running the train all this morning. So far it is holding!

That part is a common point of failure on this loco. As mentioned, a parts loco will may hve one (and both sides are identical, so as long as it has one you will be fine, but it may not last.

I note you got the glue to work. I would suggest getting the cap off the cylinder - I believe it is glued on so you may have to saw it off. Then drill some tiny holes behind the holes for the cylinder crosshead guides [that’s their official name.] Use dressmaking pins from inside the cylinder along the back of the guides and then glue it together.

Sounds like a plan. Thanks!

Hey, @timmyd Check out Gilbert’s last post on this thread:

Good news! Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with

He mentions they will be listed in Shapeways. What is Shapeways?

Timmy, where have you been hiding the past 10 years? And what happened to your Google capability?

Shapeways lets you upload a 3D print file and then others can order the printed item - for a price. They can print metal as well; a very sophisticated operation.

Gilbert’s GLX items are here:

Doesn’t look like he has uploaded the Bachmann part yet.

That’s quite impressive. I was thinking the metal would be a lost PLA casting, not a print.

I think I read that they print metal powder then stick it in an oven. Techniques may be a bit more sophisticated now.