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I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic...

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There isn’t anything about this guy I’m not insanely jealous of! (Except the hideous English accent and the fact that he got prostrate cancer…of course, he beat it.)

A few years ago he spent $65,000 in 50 minutes in Caboose Hobbies on brass locomotives and everything else tha caught his fancy. Pulled up at ten minutes to closing in a big white van with a driver and a tall girl in a short, skin-tight white dress . They stayed open for him…yah think?

It’s great to see a person like him in this hobby. Love the detail on what he did to his layout and show what can be done. Course money talks to.(

Pretty cool. Where article mentions how he’d take his skyscraper builds and other projects on the road with him, several years ago an article in Model Railroader where part of it recounted how he was working on them in a room in some hotel somewhere and it was not summer weather and he had the windows open, it was bitterly cold in the room but he wanted to make progress!

And then there was the time he did a bunch of ground turf landscaping & when friends and helpers came over it was pointed out that his color blindness had led him to put down red grass!

Oh well, it’s all in a day’s model railroading!

Pretty darn realistic!

A non-railroady friend at work heard about this and em’d me the link to the article. The story seems to have a wide audience! Which is great.

Here’s the link my friend sent.

Quite impressive and it only took him 26 years … not sure I could accomplish what he has in a lifetime even if I had the money, skill and time. I agree with Noel, its great to have someone with Rod’s celebrity status in the hobby. Maybe he is ready to move to the big boy trains outside (

Hey, cool, the gang over at Starship Modeler space and sci-fi modeling forum is also talking about this, and several have said they are model railroaders.

I have asked my sister-in-law to include a copy of Railway Modeller with her Xmas goodie parcel (mince pies, etc.) I also bought last January’s issue of RM, to read about Jools Holland’s empire, from an online source - Quite a fun read, but get this - the magazine has 42 pages of adverts in the front and 30 pages in the back - over 70 pages of advertising for UK train suppliers. The variety of models in OO/HO is mind-boggling. There’s even a supplier of O scale UK trains. Maybe it’s time I went back to UK modelling. . .


I am glad I gave up UK railway modelling, my bank balance wouldn’t support it these days. ( sold a lot of UK OO and French and German HO in 2003 which went towards the purchase of my first computer in 2003. The computer led me to Bachmann US initially and then to Aristocraft. The rest, as they say, is history. Whilst I was sad to see Aristo shut their doors I have to admit my stock holding of Aristo has only increased by three cars since then - I already had more than enough. RM, without doubt, is the best UK model railroad magazine for the smaller scales as you know. The only US magazines I buy are Classic Trains and their special issues, great for US railroading history.

Our little podunk newspaper in Oregon had this story a couple of days ago but no pictures, WOW!!!

There use to be, a few years ago on you-tube, a video of his layout running Steam Trains. They were showing Trains going thru the maze of track of the high rise city main yard. Must of been taken off and not able to find them again. (

Here’s what YouTube finds for rod stewart model train

Mark Hadler said:

Here’s what YouTube finds for rod stewart model train


We seen all of them, but it not the vedio one he had a few years ago running Steam Trains. It was a video running thru the maze of track in his city yard. Lots and lots of detail of the city in background. Must of got pulled off. (

Interesting. Just saw yet another article about this and it mentions other rock stars that are into trains [link]:

”But Stewart isn’t the only rock star who dabbles in model trains. The Who’s Roger Daltrey [link], Phil Collins, Neil Young [link], The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood, and pianist Jools Holland [link] also share in the hobby.”

Here’s one of the pictures from that article that I hadn’t seen anywhere else:

And here’s one of Jools Holland:

There’s also a wikipedia article [link] listing a bunch of other celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Elton John, Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springstein, and, amazingly enough, Hermann Göring (of Nazi fame).

[edited to add a wikipedia article, the Rod Stewart picture, links to articles/videos for other rocker’s railroads, and a pic for Jools Holland’s railroad]

Just saw this super short video about Rod and his trains:

No real info but you get to see glimpses of his layout with running trains.