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Glue question

for my MIK build I am using a coroplast base for the walls and a very thin embossed/stamped styrene for the brick walls. What would be a good glue for bonding the embossed styrene to the coroplast? Saw something somewhere about Titebond 3 being used with good results , but cannot find that and what two materials they actually used it on. Im sure its right in front of me somewhere, thanks for the help

@Devon_Sinsley had been pondering gluing styrene to foam (PVC to Styrene). I was able to pull this off on a test bond with about a postage stamp size of each. Devon ha, I believe, moved on to other materials.


my favorite

Thanks Rooster, it is what I use for 90% of my stuff too , I was just for some reason thinking I needed to use something else for this job.

I’ve had good luck with Welder. This bridge support was outside for 15 years. It’s embossed styrene glued to a PVC frame.

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Good to see ya, Doc.

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