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Freight (paper boxes)

well, there is no place for this. so i thought “figures” might be the best option. i had some idle time in the office. here is the result:

for printing i choosed the easyest option. i just copied the pic into a word document. there i sized it down, till it looked right for my figures. if anybody wants to use it, just open the link below and print it. (and resize the pics for your scale) (opening might take some time. it is a file of over 2meg)

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Thanks. I might make use of it if I ever get the printer working again.
I’d of put it in modeling. I would also post it in reference. That way it will be there for anyone who might find it useful.

Ralph, i let that decision to Bob. if he thinks, it fits better somewhere else, he can push it there. meanwhile i licked blood. here my second try:

if anybody wants to use it, just open the link below and print it. (and resize the pics for your scale) i learned from the first link. that took up more than 2 mega space. now i just put the first row of boxes into the .doc. anybody interested can copy that row and fill the page with it before printing. korm .

It’s not Bob’s style to push anything, anywhere.
Take a look at the reference section.
Below is Bob’s post explaining the reference forum.

"Hi folks

The purpose of this forum is to act as a repository of drawings, images, files, etc, of anything railroad related. You can either upload the file, or post a link to it as a message."

Ralph, i had a look over there. i don’t understand, why you want me to spoil a collection of real plans with thingies like this:

Well Korm,
I got my copy, so it does not matter to me :wink:

OK, having trouble replacing the pic with one of my own. How is it done.

Having a senior moment, here.

steve, i do it this way:
i put the first (vintage port) box in Ms paint.
i draw the border of the pic bigger.
i copy the new label into the free space of the pic.
before i release the label, i rotate it by 90 degrees.
i put the rotated label near the middle section of the box and adjust its size.
then i rotate it again 90 degree, so it is upside down. then i copy it, rotate the copy 180 degree.
after putting the new sides against the rest, there is only to adapt the height of the sidfes with out label to adjust.
takes me about ten to fifteen minutes.

look here:

for (visual over the thumb) scaling i prefer to load the pic into MSWord. there, by holding a corner, i can scale length and hight together.

Thanks, Korm, I was able to successfully create the first box. Unfortunately, I still cannot access the freight shed section so I can’t upload it. Too bad, it looks good, too. :lol:

be carefull!
i got the impression, to create boxes might be addictive.

I can see where it might be. I have three more in the done bin…

seems, that i can’t stop

anybody some tea? it comes in a nice party pack.

i ran out of nice labels. last one for today.

These are cool. Where’s my card stock?

Those are nice.

Another option would be to print these on the adhesive backed vinyl…then stick them to a block of wood. I would cut off the tabs first.


Bruce, if you want to make the effort to use real wood, instead of covering it with prints, use a screwdriver/needle/knife to scratch some lines into the wood.
crosswise to the scratches glue two stripes of the thinnest veneer, you can find. only the two head ends of the wood would need to be hidden - by the labels.
(i did that years ago for the playmobil empire of my daughters)

the wooden boxes look a lot better, than the paperboxes. but they need more time to be made.

btw., i am going to glue one or two shotgun pellets into each box. (so they don’t get blown from flatcars)

by now i’ve got 20 different boxes. double that and a dozen each, should be enough for my planned eight stations.

Hey thanks Korm! I was looking for something to put in my Bachman Rail truck. Should have thought of this. I printed off a whole ‘wood’ interior for my Robert’s Lines Street car.

Jerry, if you (or anybody else) need some more, i’ve been busy. got about 50 different boxes or so… By korm I.doc By korm II.doc By korm III.doc By korm IV.doc