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Fox Pressed Steel Trucks

I waas going through some of my old threads a few days ago re-attaching any missing photos and links and ran across one where we were talking about different style trucks and one that was mentioned was Fox Pressed Steel trucks. After reading through that thread, I remembered that I had actually started to design a set but never really finished. I think I got hung up with the bolster attachment and moved on to other projects.

Well fast forward to today and voila …

Its not 100% prototypical because I added the center plate to give me a little depth to sink the bolster in to satisfy my need to over engineer everything. I was not comfortable with the bolster sitting in a 2mm pocket, but 3mm made me happy :wink:

I’ll get a set printed out here shortly and see what they look like in my hand. Any and all comments, questions and even criticisms are welcome.

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Hi Dan!
Cool project! I have a live steam mogul tender I plan to do in Fox trucks for a b&m prototype someday. The old Manchester ALCo (New Hampshire) works and Laconia Car Co. freight cars often came with the “dogbone” shaped ones for a long time.
The only place I’ve seen them still possibly used is at the private (for fun) Passumpsic RR. in Northeast VT.

Thanks, Rocky. I’m not sure where I will use these trucks but I’ll find some piece of rolling stock to put them on. BTW: I enjoyed your latest video you posted today.