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Keeping Devon busy

Not so funny when you see it happen. A plumbing contractor working on a school job that I was on years ago got his pony tail caught in the pipe threading machine. Made a movie Indian scalping look like modern surgery. Amazingly his scalp was reattached and he looked pretty good afterward.

Nice job on the drawbar bolster car riding span thingy!!!

I’m pretty sure the trucks on the prototype are Fox pressed steel trucks (not that it matters just saying).

I was trying to identify them with not much luck. I was considering them but I figured a vulcan style i would be more apt to use elsewhere.

I thought those thingys were called “roosters” :laughing: :rooster:

HAH…look what I google search brought up.
Fox Pressed Steel Trucks

Thats awesome maybe have to con him out of the files.

Good then this is all Mike and Dans fault then not mine!

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He’d have to find them first. That might be a tall task :grin:

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That’s it Dan you make him ask nicely or beg for them !! This is all your fault cause you WILL mysteriously find them !

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So how do resin 2 axle trucks hold up? I use resin journals on some of my 7/8’s stuff, but not on the regular rolling stock. They all have steel (metal) trucks.

I haven’t used anybi have made yet so really don’t know. Not sure why they wouldn’t hold up. I will use metal wheels most likely but I think the trucks should be fine. They are thick and beefy enough that they shouldn’t break if care is taken.

So here is the first print of the truck assembly.

I thought the individual trucks were going to be too close. But I stuck it on my track and it has no issue on 8’ diameter curves. So I think this is it.

UNLESS a certain someone surprises me with a file for pressed steel trucks.

But until then I think this Vulcan truck not only works for this project but will give me a truck for other cars. It would be nice to create an entire logging themed 1:20.3 train. And I can use all matching vulcan trucks.

So moving past the trucks the next thing is to build the flat car. This car will be 22 inches long. As near as I can tell, all of these cars are at least steel framed. I was going to do a wood flat car, but as massive as this would be in real like, it really needs at the very least a steel frame. And since I am building this as a car. . .and not a load for a flat car, I think the way to tackle this is to build a purpose built frame that the beast sits on.

So thats the approach I will be taking I think.

Yes, A dedicated special carrier for that beast is absolutely the way to go. Since Mikes is steam powered, a tank car and an oil fuel car as well. Or maybe one car with both the water and oil tanks.

Interesting that you went “oil” with it. I would have figured coal. But mine will be wood fired. Maybe never even a thing with these, but my railroad is all wood fired steamers. I guess I have a thing for wood.

But along that line of thinking, I did design a water tank for mounting on the car behind the boiler. Dan Hilyer made a steam powered water pump that I am going to mount under the tank. A hose connected to the pump can be thrown in a creek and fill the tank. Again maybe not the most realistic scenario but my railroad my rules.

And then a combination tool car and firewood flat car. Will trail the beast.

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Wood frame not strong, go back and read The Mik challenge Dave built the Schnabel type,( actually it’s not) Woden depressed center car and load for the tin can challenge!

That is true. I guess even back in the day they could engineeer wood to be strong enough. Good call. I am sticking with steel because I have already begun my planning on how to accomplish it and the design. Scratch built out of .125 styrene.

Devon, you should be aware that the East Broad Top standardized on Vulcan trucks for their steel hopper (and other) cars. Yours look a bit delicate? But please make them 4ft 8in wheelbase!


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