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Fn3 "Dead River Lumber Co"

Hello to all.
Here are several months when I did not post because I was occupied to the creation of buildings(ships) for my layout which I am going to present you today.
The latter will consist of twelve modules, knockdown and transportable, I have at present three modules to be made to lock up.
He stays in me some more of work to be executed, in particular in detail because I make quite myself.
I deliver to your comments where I am there today.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 11

Module 12 futur pond

I have the modules 8,9,10 which shall represent the slaughter of trees and their load


I give it two thumbs up! Looking forward to more updates. (

just my style! go on!

Not only do I like the RR pics but I also like the structure the RR resides in as it looks old to me!

Ambitious project but it looks to be coming together very well.

I can’t imagine the difficulty in trying to model a subject that is so far removed from you in space as well as in time.

Keep posting pictures, love to see your progress.


Thank you for sharing. Very nice work. Please keep posting.

Thank you all for your comments.
In order to clarify the photos I enclose a sketch of the layout of the tracks

Following a few comments from French modelers, I took up the position of the engine house.
I managed to fit it in line with the bridge, the only problem is that it will be riding on three modules.
On the other hand, it allows me to install three small feeder tracks, one in line with the bridge and the feeder. The turnout will be used for the logger tracks on the modules 8, 9, 10.
Two photos to illustrate the work

Update of the day
I upgraded three sides of module 6 of the bridge in order to be able to join the rocks.
On module 7, I stuck the styrofoam and delineated the location of the tracks

Update of the morning
Bonding of sleepers, cut-outs of the rails (they are not fixed)

Some progress made this day.
I found that my buildings were too close to the depot, so I started to make a corner which made it possible to remove them and to have space in front to be able to put accessories
I took advantage of it to redo the disposal of the depot.

You can see the future climb to bridge

Great looking turntable. How did you make the center “wheel” part?


Thanks chuck


As the weather leaves me a little time in relation to the garden, I took the opportunity to build a support for my bridge because the latter was in a diorama and included a wooden support on one side and the other a set in engraved stones.
To remain consistent, I made a wooden one almost identical to the first, but I am not satisfied with the rendering, I will arrange this when it is integrated with the decor.
Before treatment


Very cool stuff, so this will be portable for shows or just modular for easy movement if needed?

Thanks Vic for your interest.
It is portable for shows, each module does not have 10 “of height to be housed in racks, so everything that exceeds 6” on the module is removed

Hello everyone
Despite the 38 ° in my attic and the local farmer spreading his manure, I finished the location of my engine house as suggested by a friend and I took the opportunity to coat the extruder around.

Stalwart soul you are…Looks great!!!

Today I made a rocky peak to justify the curvature of the track leading to the freight shed and coated the ascent leading to the bridge

what material do you use upon the foam core?