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Finish what you started!

As the result of a conversation in another thread, and with @ctown2 Craig’s push, I decided to start this thread. Here’s my list of projects that I’ve committed to finishing (because they’ve been started for YEARS in some cases)

Goose 2 battery and RCS (DONE)
Goose 5 new battery (DONE)
Goose 6 new driveshaft (DONE)
7/8 critters (2) new batteries (DONE)
Railtruck new gears
Railtruck into a fire car
Shay new battery
Don Winter kits (In progress)
Davenport to DCC
Bulkhead flat
3x Boxcar truck sets repaired (2 DONE)
Coal mine entrance
Coal mine conveyors
Bunkhouse (DONE)
Signal bridge
Transfer caboose
Car Cards/Waybills

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Oh dear. Can’t beat that list! Let’s see what is on mine.

2 Aristo long Sierras from 3 short ones (started)
2 Aristo long Sierras from 4 short junk ones
Gilpin Tramway ore cars (one started)
Rebuild Aster C&S #22.
Fix EBT #20 for museum
Put metal wheels on C&S freights and decent couplers
Rework LGB based Mason into believable model
Rework 0-4-0 tram and trailer

Add front-back wiring on Garrett so it doesn’t stall one power unit (and then sell it.)

Oh boy pressure is on… Here’s my list that I want to get done by the end of the year. These are half started stalled projects from many years ago.

  1. T-D Feeds building (was working on this before the MIK challenge)
  2. Convert fleet over to Kadee #1 couplers and scale draft gear boxes.
  3. Finish T-D Feeds truck and trailer ( again another challenge project half done) Done now!
  4. GP30
  5. Snow Dozer
  6. Brian Briggs boxcar that had to get stripped down and repainted
  7. Trackwork outside to complete phase 1 ( 1 more turnout and probably 20’ of track).
  8. General cleaning and organizing of the shop (I’ve got 3/4 of my styrene sorted for example).
  9. AMT 1/25th reefer trailer kit.
    Just got this one done and crossed off the list. Done.
  10. Fix some broken 1/25th vehicle kits. Done.
    I’m sure there’s more but those are the ones that come to mind the fastest.

My list doesn’t even include anything OUTSIDE like trackwork or rehabbing the two stations I got from Ken’s estate.

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Here is my current “In Progress” Spreadsheet :grinning:

Project Stage
Hopper Topper (milled) CNC Testing
Maine Beer Box Figure out doors, taps and chassis
Wheel flatcar Binders and decals
U33B Right side battery doors
Tesla Autorack drawing in progress
Telehandler reach stacker drawing in progress
1:29 Figures need painting
NSC Cylindrical hopper brake platform, Decals (patch)
SD40-2F drawing in progress
F40PH drawing in progress
Thrall well car Rework with stronger frame
RailGon weather
Waffle side boxcar CNC Testing
All-door boxcar Door latches and seal
Ecofret drawing in progress
Eggliner Centerbeam test print
Russell Plow drawing in progress
LaGrange chip unloader drawing in progress
Tall steel viaduct CNC Testing
3d printable containers test print
Whale Belly paint and decal
Extension ladder paint and decal
Optimus Prime Peterbuilt drawing in progress
Marine Industries Cylindrical hopper drawing in progress
Cryogenic tank car - Argon drawing in progress
Working crossing gate drawing in progress
Protein Cover CNC Testing
Metroliner cab car conversion planning
Butterfly doors/backhead for Pacific planning
Dash9 to AC4400CW planning
Open air tourist cars planning
Transfer caboose planning
NSC High side Gon planning
Ortner Woodchip planning
NSC Grain hopper planning
Difco dump planning
Hytracker Excavator planning
Betterment Roof for Heavyweights planning
Unimog crew change vehicle planning
S4 to S6? planning
LGB Porter to Rockland Vulcan planning
Brandt Hyrail truck planning
Portec rib side gon planning
Depressed flat with viper load planning
Optimus Prime cabover - Dump? planning
BAR Wood chip boxcar kitbash planning
Aristo Ballast hopper kitbash planning
Aristo hopper Sand tower kitbash planning
Purple Cat planning

You don’t count Dan. You get projects done twice or three times as fast as the fastest people here.

But I still don’t see track yet on your list… These projects all must be for glamour “front end Friday” shots. :joy:

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These are just winter projects.
FYI: I have never posted a FEF. Those are typically pictures of “look what I bought” uninspiring purchased items.

Figured as much. Just giving you a hard time. If that’s the winter project list, what’s the long summer list like? :hushed:

I have some that I rolled from last year but never really started. I think that counts, though. I put them all in this thread: Triple O - 2023 Plans & Objectives. I have to rack-and-stack them after the MIK. Rolled projects get priority…maybe!


I’d just like to finish the list of unfinished projects!

Would this be the wrong time to ask for a pony?

This list is probably far from complete, but it’s what I can remember without digging through boxes…

Bachmann Connie - Finish smokebox mods and conversion to battery / Railpro

Bachmann 3 Truck Shay - Install battery & Railpro

Bachmann C-19 (ex #345) - Finish lettering as C.V.S.Ry. #4

Accucraft 2cyl LS Shay - Wire up headlight -OR- put back to stock

EBT Boxcar kits - Start

Skelton Log Cars - Finish up - buy or fabricate metal details

EBT Tank Car - Build wood flat for Bart Salmons modified tank.

Stomper Speeder - Detail & paint

Fn3 Std Gauge flat - Mod LGB flat -OR - dump it

Lit Diecast Cars - Replace burned out lamps with LEDs

McCown Freight (Mik) - Install windows/doors & block

McGillicuddy Supply - Figure out how to do brick & finish

Whimsical Buildings - Replace burned out lamps with LEDs

Grand Kid Buildings - Install glazing and LED interior lights

Acrylic Crossing Shanty - Add siding, door/window details, outer roof

A Stomper Speeder :astonished: :laughing: Man that does go way back

Made it’s first appearance at Fred’s American Invasion of 2006.

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I only have one project unfinished and laying around in pieces:
My 7/8 Willamette donkey, the Flyer.

Also get the garden RR ready for running this year.

I have one of those. I should put a new battery in it and see if it still runs!

I think I have 1 NIB Stomper in a drawer. Had two, but sent one to Bruce Chandler a bunch of years ago. If anyone want I’ll look for it :smiley:

Rather than start on any of these unfinished projects, I’m going to take on a new small construction project: A small off-line car storage shelf that will only hold 3 cars. My indoor is jammed up again with what I brought back from Ken’s last spring.

Shouldn’t take more than a few days once I find a 24x24 scrap of 1/2" ply.

Yikes, I hate to think about it.

13 Rotary Gons ( 6 are 90% complete 7 are 5% ) Added to the completed 7 will result in a 20 car train.
2 Dash 9 CN mods teardrop windows / 4 window side windows. First cab complete, second at 40%
50’ lengthened USA Trains depressed flat. 50%
52’6" Aristo spliced gondola. 75%
SD38-2 5%
GP9rm 5%
Evans boxcar mod. 40%
SD60f’s X3 99% complete

As soon as Spring hits, work on the upper double main will begin. First up will be a bridge over the rail yard.

Well my list isn’t big but is quite varied.
Rehab the Mik Taylor stone BBQ I built, as my first scratchbuilt structure it needs a lot it help, that will be a summer (can’t go outside in 115 weather) work.
The second is also a Mik build , my warehouse facade it had a tree branch take out the car unloading shed , so rebuild or complete change will also be this summer.
I have a lot of the track needed to complete the reverse loop around the pool pump and back .

And find someone to repair the Steve Featherkile Dash9 and make it run again.