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ECLSTS Show 2023

This from the official site:

The 2023 show will be taking place on Friday, April 14th and Saturday, April 15th at
1564 Whitehall Rd
Annapolis, MD 21409

Friday, April 14th 9am-5pm
Saturday, April 15th 9am-5pm

1 day-- $10
2 days-- $15


No chatter on this? Oh my.

Chatter Chatter Chatter = Fred + Padre + Friar + No Nicknames


May the Amtrak be with you

The one in Springfield is April 28 & 29, 2023 Hmmmm

I know a few of you went last year. Is it worth the drive? How much of a drive? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s in Annapolis MD. How far is that for you?

Though smaller, I’ve enjoyed it each year it’s been in Annapolis.

Covid and also the move from York & Timonium have made it tough, but Star’s hanging in there and improving it each year. Their hobby shop is also fun to browse, lots of G stock.

6.5 Hours. But I’m retired. :grinning:

So who is planning to go? I don’t want to drive 3.5 hours to just sit with Cliffy all day.

A list of vendors has been posted.
NOTE: “Charles Trains” is NOT Charles Ro (USAT) as they will not be attending.

The show car is nice

I’m looking forward to this, and hope to see some of you’s guys there.

I’m also looking forward to getting some good deals on… hmm… now that I mention it I have no idea what I’m looking for…

I’ll be there Saturday, fwiw.


Thanks for the list Dan. Good to see Bachmann is back, I think we need a good “anchor” for other bigger names to return.

Ane the Aikenback Live Steamer group will be set up in the parking lot with their portable track Friday and Saturday. They will be running live steam trains for edification and entertainment of all. Come see!


Some photos from the 2022 show. We setup Thursday before the crowds show up.

Ray Buteux from Bachmann was there last year. He will probably be there again and bring the Aristo GP40 display unit.

I’d love to go, but interstate driving (i.e. I81) is still a challenge. Maybe in another year I’ll be able to put my little Puffer Billys through their paces again.

Best wishes, David Meashey

Gee, Jerry. Those grating drain covers look big enough to swallow a train!

Be there or be square, Pete! I will make sure you do not fall through the cracks…


I’d really enjoy being there, even if, just to keep Cliffy company…I’ll bet he and I could correct all the problems of the World, if we got together for good political/religion free happy conversation…!!
Like Cliffy says…the show is all about good people, meeting face to face, to share friendship, ideas, knowledge, and experiences…
Too bad that I gave up driving, and I live 12 hours away. No-one from around here wants to drive that far…
Have a great time, everyone…be safe, and spread/share good friendship.
Fred Mills

Cool boxcar, local short like that was a critical link in the east coast main line.