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Drawing trade

I have a very rare map of internals of the coal mines in RObertsdale of The East Broad TOp Railroad, i would gladly trade a copy of the file for a scan of any east broad top mikado erecting drawings from baldwin

Been wanting to contact Bruce Chandler, as he has a copy of the east broad engine 12 erecting drawings

need help modeling ebt, have any erecting drawings of the engines?

Been wondering, from a post in 2009, if you have a copy of the east broad top engine 12 erecting drawng, because I would like a scan of it/file

Hello and welcome aboard William,
I couldn’t help but notice you are looking for erection drawings. Maybe instead of stepping on every thread on the site, which is very rude and terrible etiquette, you could use the the yellow circle with the plus sign in it and start a specific personal thread for your wants.
Might also help if you introduce yourself to the group.

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