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Cris Dunakin

Cris Dunakin
1952 – 2024

My beloved wife of 40 years has passed away yesterday after a long decline due to kidney failure.

Cris was the sweetest, kindest, most generous and loving person I’ve ever known. She loved children and “spoiled” the neighborhood kids with presents at every opportunity. For the past 30 years she made it an annual tradition to deliver a carload of new toys to the Salvation Army toy drive on our anniversary. And for over 50 years she helped support Native American children through Children Inc. And for a few years she was a volunteer at Children’s Hospital.

She was always thinking of others. Several years ago following treatment for breast cancer, she began taking early morning walks. She thought how nice it would be if people didn’t have to go out to their driveways to pick up the newspaper, so she started moving some of the neighbors’ newspapers to their doorsteps. She continued this habit until her health declined and she became too unsteady.

She had an innocent and childlike spirit. She collected over 5000 teddy bears, as well as many dolls and other toys. She had little interest in expensive or pretentious things, but took joy in silly, simple things.

Cris endured numerous afflictions throughout her life, including bipolar disorder and anxiety, and various physical ailments. Despite this, she remained a bright light who was loved by all who knew her. I wish more people could have known her, but her health issues made it difficult to maintain a social life.

She was my joy, my angel, the beauty and center of my life. She gave me a home, a family, and a purpose. She was my best friend, my biggest fan and cheerleader, who thought that everything I did was amazing. I was truly blessed and honored to spend forty years of my life loving and caring for someone so special. I was at her side and holding her hand as she took her last breath.

The world is a much sadder place without her.


I’m terribly sorry, Ray.

Sorry for your loss Ray, but she’s in a better place now

My condolences and prayers, Ray

Aw so sorry to hear this Ray. After a long battle I fully believe she is resting easy. My prayer is not the loved and lost but for those who remain in her absence.

Beautiful sentiments for a clearly wonderful person. Wish I could have met her. I lost my wife 2 years ago (similarly lucky to have been there for her last breath), so I think I know a little bit about what you are feeling. It’s this weird mixture of intense grief, a gut punch, and being thankful you got to share your life with someone so perfect for you.

This grieving stuff is hard. Reach out to us here on LSC if you ever need a distraction or maybe even (at some point) a laugh or some human connection.

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i hope, you’ll find the strength needed to digest this biggest lost, a man can suffer.

Very sorry to hear this Ray.

Ray, I am truly sorry for your loss and for the grief you must endure.

Wow. Sad news. I can only imagine what it feels like- take care of yourself and keep your good attitude going…

Our prayers and thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

I’m so sorry, Ray. Thank you for trusting us to share some of the story leading up to this, and for your sharing your thoughts now.

My condolences to you, and prayers for you,

Ray, I am saddened to hear of your loss. From your description, Cris sounds like an extraordinary lady. We should all be fortunate enough to have someone like that in our lives. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Ray, words fail us at times like this and all we can say is we are very sorry for your loss, our prayers to you and all of Cris’s friends and family and your whole neighborhood on the loss of a wonderful lady, from Debbie and I we send our condolences.

Ray I am sorry for your loss. You heartwarming description of your wife is beautiful. I hope time and your vivid memories of her will get you through these tough times.

Having spent 1 whole afternoon in her and yours company, I can say she was special. My wife was enamored with all she had done. And she made our visit so much more enjoyable then just spending time on the RR…

Hurts like HELL! and it will for a long time, and then it just aches forever, and as you go along you can just pretend to others that your OK! And then someday you will no longer have to pretend…

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I offer my deepest condolences, Ray…
My heart is with you.
Fred Mills

Thanks for sharing this sad news with us. Despite all our teasing of each other, it’s one big family here. And you’ve been open and honest the entire time Cris has been sick about the emotional toll it’s taken on both of you.
Thank you for sharing your story with us and sharing just a small slice of life.

I’ve only been married 14 years so I can’t even begin to think of all the experiences you and Cris shared together over the years from laughter to tears pain and sorrow to joy and contention.

Reaching out and giving you a virtual hug and shoulder to cry on.


Few people get to share as rare, rich and wonderful life together as you describe yours and Cris’. My thoughts are with you.

please accept my condolences on your loss…