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Cooking fun foods

Something I love as much as I love model trains and wood working is cooking. I am the families cook. Id be a lot skinner (or fatter) if the cooking was left to my wife. I have no recollection of when I started cooking with my mom. It is among my first memories. She was awesome and had me in the kitchen teaching me from an early age.

That love has turned to experimenting with exotic ethnic foods. This January I proposed a challenge to my family and close friends. Each month we have a theme and people cook at least one meal to the theme.

January was a hearty winter soup. February was island food. And March is African. Tomorrow I will be cooking goat for the first time. African roasted curry goat recipe called Asun. Can’t wait. I love new foods

Proving once again that you are a man of many talents!

I am not really sure about talents. If I have any true talent its a desire to just enjoy whatever it is I choose to do. Everything I do that might be considered a talent is learnable. I am not sure what the true definition of talent is but I don’t posses extraordinary natural ability. I just have found things I enjoy doing and have learned to do them.

I do most of the cooking at our house, and Martha doest most of the baking. We’re very omnivorous, and lately Ive been honing my Japanese and Korean foods. Aaron and Claire ( make some great videos, they’ve been very helpful.

Thursday I made a shrimp and pork fried rice, and tonight Okonomiyaki is on the menu. Very fun.

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One of the themes is Asian. I already cook a lot of Thai, Indian, and Chinese. I love Korean but have never cooked it. I am thinking a nice Korean meal would be fun.

Thanks for the video tips ill check them out

Wow a quick scroll through their content and I know where I am going for my Korean meal

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How about BBQ? I’m currently slow roasting a beef chuck on my weber kettle, should take about 3 or 4 hours. I also do almost all our cooking, homemade pizza was lunch.

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Thats July. 4th of July BBQ is July’s theme.

Well the spicy goat is good. Not what I expected. By itself it’s a very mild flavored lean meat. No off putting taste what somever and its tender

All African dishes. Asun (goat), yellow rice, peanut encrusted chicken kebabs, and a tomato and onion salad that has a big long name i cant remember

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My wife is the primary cook. I do the “adjunct” cooking. Generally the ingredients that take days or months to make. Things like cheese, sauerkraut, Cider vinegar, Beer, Wine, mead, smoked foods and jerky. I just finished boiling sap to make Maple syrup and while I have the evaporator out will load it with sea water to make salt.

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I’m jealous Dan. I make smoked meats and have tried my hand at cheese. Thats fun. And I have wanted to get a good source of clean sea water for salt. And no sugar maples anywhere to be found. I’d like to try my hand at that also.

Yum Devon you know someone that lives just off Puget Sound. :joy: Not sure how clean that water is downstream/outgoing tide of the water treatment plant. :joy:

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Yeah um ill pass Craig.

The salt will have its own natural flavors. Cough cough.

So this month is Asian. Now before you jump to conclusions, Google Asia. Tonight is Korean. But I have a four course meal planned for a “tour of the stans”. Asia is a diverse continent. It includes what most people consider asia. China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, etc. But Russia, turkey, India, the Middle East are all part of Asia.

So next week with be Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan


Trying to figure out where creme puffs fit in…

For those not in the know, having brain surgery is 100% worth it when Craig’s mom makes cardamom chicken and Craig makes creme puffs.

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I made a dozen for our church auction. They only went for $90… I was a tad disappointed that they didn’t reach the triple digits.

The offer still stands, anyone that comes and visits for an ops session once the railroad is done, cream puffs can/will be provided.

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Impressive! I cook about as well as I cut straight pieces of wood. Fortunately, CINCHOUSE has a real talent for taking the potpourri of flavor profiles on these islands and making masterpiece of any and all of them!

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Well tonight is the tour of the “stans”. Four course meal that celebrates places like kasikstan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc. I will post the final products when I have them done. But central Asia has some great sounding food. And when i think Asian i think China, Japan, Korea etc. But Asia is a diverse continent and the “stans” offers some interesting meals. Sit tight. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the final products

Is there an option of chicken nuggets and fries ?

Only asking for a friend .