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Calcium Carbide Flo-Bins

An article in the June issue of Railroad Model Craftsman has “sparked” a childhood memory and led me to start yet another project.

Every 4th of July, Uncle Gerry would show up with a jar of Calcium Carbide and a Conestoga “Big Bang” cannon for my brother and I to play with but the highlight was heading down to the beach with a large milk can which he’d add some carbide and water, pound on the cap and ignite with a firecracker placed in a small hole in the bottom. BOOOOM!!!

Evidently, it’s a Dutch New Years tradition. We always thought it was Gerry’s idea!

Yep. Calcium carbide + water = Acetylene. Acetylene + fire = boom

Used to use calcium carbonate + water for lighting up caves…back in my spelunking days…

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29 more to go! I can fit 4 on the build plate and takes 5 hours. Each bin weighs 1.1oz so will add 2lbs to the car.
Decals were easy. :smiley:


will you be putting them on thingverse, or a different site?

I will be sharing on Printables

Another fantastic modeling job, in both design, making, and detailing!

Like Bruce, my main exposure to calcium carbide was with miner’s lanterns – spelunking & mine hunting.

My favorite alternate use was, when a friend was over, to put some in a paper bag (on the driveway), light it with a match, hand him a cup of water and tell him to slowly put the fire out…


Got 30 bins printed, painted and decaled. Working on the tiedown “frames”.