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Another useless post from Rooster

The Rockwell B1B is my most favorite military jet Ever and Ever and Ever …(Taylor Swift ?)…However the B2 with the F22 raptors or perhaps they are F35’s were just a test but I actually like the squadron on my parlor ceiling ?
Don’t matter anyway cause it’s only a mock up like Cliff’s Comstock Sutro tunneling into the silver lining experiment!

Rooster’s can’t fly anyway!

Maybe at night they can, Bone afterburners at Las Vegas

The 3 plane flight is awesome looking, great idea, may do it in my office/ work room

I thought Roosta’s car would have more Amtrak colors

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I’m driving the boys ( MY) LHD car in Germany and he is in the passenger seat fantasy post !

Concerned about the brass pole in Dan’s thread Calcium Carbide Flo-Bins - #5 by manimal

I couldn’t afford brass so I did aluminum myself.

No need for concern. Yet. :sunglasses:


Not trains but working on another room’s ceiling decor because I can and it involved operations !

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Holy Cow Batman! That is beautiful!

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It’s all about the lighting natural or man made however you could throw Enrico Caruso into the mix while listing to Miles Davis on a Victrola and upset the balance. NONE of this relates to trains AND is only a “Another useless post from Rooster”.
Ya’ gotta love history though but the steam era is dead man along with Jerry Garcia, Elvis, Jim Morrison and Hitler. Jelly doughnuts are currently being served in Argentina!

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i don’t know about Garcia or Morrison.
Hitler would be over 134 years by now, so i tend to believe you, but Elvis is definitely still alive!
i hear him singing very often on the radio!

and a steamtrain has a big advantage: one can distinguish the loco from the cars!

with steam is dead - you upset me so much, that i will not mention, how nice your ceiling deco looks!

But Korm;

My little steamers still come to life!

Best, David Meashey

My useless post was prompted by another post !

Gotta throw this in there as well. My dog listening to the TV news back in the day.

I dearly miss that dog! She WAS my girlfriend!

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Bruce posted this in another thread and there is a lot of truth to it!

I can drive or pull the whistles anytime I want…

Was hanging with Benchfield Farms today and their spotted draft horses are amazing. Taught them a bit of history on Williams Grove as well. Yes, Hollywood was hanging with us but no pics so no proof unless the old goat took some?

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No pics but that deep bass whistle shook bones :sunglasses:

Hi my name is David and could you tell me what I can do with what I scored at an Estate sale?

Scratch or bash a new Amtrak Charger locomotive??

It’s old hat and worthless as the topic states!