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Both failed

Yesterday I tried to drag a video and a pic in two separate test.
Both failed with different reasons.
Just as I was learning how to use the old site, I have to re-learn it again.
I guess I’ll just lurk here.

Video’s I haven’t been able to do the drag and drop thing. I have had to do it with a Youtube video and embed it.

But picture posting I am still trying to understand the issues some are having with it. How exactly are you trying to do it. Because there are two methods and both are very easy.

Here is a link to a post I made on the two easiest methods to do it. And also how to do it from an android phone. But it is a very easy process. Much easier than the old system.

Videos will not drag and drop directly. Videos take a huge amount of disk space, and there are dozens of places that will host and deliver your videos. To put them into a post, you should paste your YouTube/Vimeo/whatever URL and it should insert it nicely.


I’ll forget video’s for now.
I’ll try to figure out photos.

@John_Bouck - You run a Mac, right? Might need to do it a little different, but the Upload method (tool icon in message composer that has an up arrow) should work for photos.

Yes, Jon. I run a Mac with Safari.
I’m going ti try it again with the little arrow in the tool bar.

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That worked! It was a jpeg file. The failures were a jpg (no e) file.


Sure it wasn’t the other way around? PC naming standard is .JPG and I think Mac defaults to .JPEG

This one was a .JPG on my desktop.
Bob’s software somehow converted it to a .JPEG

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.05.07 AM

You seem to be getting it done John

There is no conversion needed from one extension to the other. .JPG and JPEG files are identical except for the name. I do see that when the image was stored (actually on Amazon) it was stored using a .JPEG extension.

Jon, as far as I know, I only store images on the mac (both desktop, files and Apple cloud), My iPhone and on Face Book,
and a few on the SE forum. I don’t know anything about Amazon! please tell me and I can delete this “Amazon” storage.

Bob has a storage plan with AWS - Amazon Web Services. When you place a photo on LSC with either drag-n-drop or upload, the files is stored on AWS. It is private storage, controlled by Bob, so no need to fear Big Brother Amazom :open_mouth:

I was making an assumption that when you said your files had been converted to JPEG, that you were referring to the link of the posted picture, which is on AWS with a .JPEG extension.

Sorry for any confusion.