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Bob's Mik 2024 - The Fence Offensive

Goodson’s Batteries (seen here in its previous location) has needed some security around the building and storage areas. Current plan is to build some 6’ steel fence, plus some chain link, all topped with barbed wire, to enclose the offloading area and storage tanks. Napkin Drawing will be completed once some measurements of the area are complete.


The current administration frowns on razor wire.

Devon… This isn’t for border security… it’s for personal safety security!

Due to the dearth of paper napkins available at Casa McCown, I’ve opted for a paper towel.

Basic idea is that Goodson’s Batteries sits on a siding with some storage tanks and all. I will be building both chain link and steel wall style fencing, with, hopefully a gate or two.

Rummaged around for supplies, and found most of what I need (textured steel, some pvc board, aluminum welding wire, stainless steel wire). Still cant find the spool of 1/8 mesh woven screen, though, which is vital for the chain link fence.

Aw darn and here I thought the spool of wire was so you could hand weave your own chain link fencing.

I actually looked into how difficult that would be. I’d need a scale version of this.

Okay color me impressed. Its a relatively simple tool to make and if someone needed a bunch of chain link it would be well worth the effort to make it.

Yea, I actually want to try this at some point with some fine wire, but I dont think the timeframe would work for the Mik. But yea, its like a piece of appropriate sized tube, bar stock and a few other bits. I think the hardest part would be to get the slot correct.

that was my thought also. Being able to translate the size of the squares you desire into a slot would take some thought.


That is a mesmerizing video. Machining far beyond my meager skills.

I fully expect your machine to look this good. WOW!

Once I buy a lathe and a milling machine, I’ll get right on that. Anyone have a spare 8 grand hanging around?

Looking at that it is amazing. But I fear it is still about twice the size it would need to be to be scale or even close. Looking at it in his fingers it looks huge for G scale. But none the less it is very cool.

Just looking and chain link is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2" across the flat sides not corner to corner. 2" @ 1:20.3 is 2.5mm.

As I tell my students when they want me to give them a “A”. My standard bribe is $10,000 cash transactions equal to a million, so I can be a millionaire and retire. And because it’s a one time gift, the IRS can’t tax it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The smart ones start doing the math and the others, well they still don’t get it…

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Looking at various styles of security fencing, I think for strength outside, I’m pondering the cast-concrete style of fence because they’re much thicker.


Height-wise, the ones on the right are six feet to the bend, but the thickness looks wrong. Getting there…

Ahaaaa… Sir Bob… Just a friendly reminder… restriction #8

#8 If you will be using an 3D printer or a Laser Cutter, or any other CAD type construction assistance for parts and pieces, Please wait till the building start date ( Jan 13th ) before starting to create any cutting or CAD, or printing files that you will be using for your build. If you buy a file to create a part or piece, add that cost to your total build cost.

Careful or you will have a Devon jumping up and calling foul! LOL

Whoops. Back to looking for the mesh then.

In Bob’s defense, it’s his first time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And to me that just looks like a 3d printed mockup and not a final part. :stuck_out_tongue::roll_eyes: