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Baldwin Shark B kit from the UK

Here’s the kit I"m getting from Johnathan, in the UK should have it next week. Should keep me busy. Will us Aristo FA bocks. Nice it has a frame. He also has some Aristo C-16 blocks.

Okay, read the new posts, trying to post this pix again. Swear I’m doing it the same old way.

Does not seem to work. Any ideas?

I think I’ll just give up. Already gave up on MLS. G scale forum is easy anyway



Do you think he has an “A” unit shark ?

those kits are beautiful


Bill he did the A unit many years ago. It would make sense for him to do it again, but… Maybe you should contact him and see.

Robb Fern did the A shark a few years back, before that he did the Kurtis Moffit kit. Only 25 A’s were made and all were sold. You can see my building of the A kit on my web page, push the projects button. They were cast in one piece and had no frame, nice casting though and came with the etchings you see, Jonathan used the same company.

Jonathan runs g-bits out of the UK. This B unit was built up from laser cut pieces and castings. Not sure of all the details. He may have one or two of the B’s… He also has some Aristo C-16 motor blocks for sale. [email protected]

Mark Dashaw is selling some A units that he prints on his 3-D printer. He is on ebay, just type in Baldwin Shark and the A & B units will pop up. They are printed in sections and must be glued together. About $200 each and they need some sanding/smoothing.

Jerry B

Thanks for all the info


He does have one Baldwin Shark A unit, with a metal frame. Pound is down, so could be a good buy, but they were pricey.

[email protected]

I got my Shark B unit yesterday from Jonathan. It is just AMAZING! The crisp/clean details and solid construction are the best I’ve seen. It looks just like you see in the picture up above. The inside structure that you don’t see makes it very strong Etched metal screens, even comes with nuts and bolts to help assembly. This was well worth the wait. I am finishing up another locomotive right now, so will not start on this for a week or two. He’s done so much, there is not much to do except glue in the grills and paint it. This would be a great first kit for someone to learn on, but may spoil them when they get one from someone else. Thanks Jonathan for your fine work, the wait was worth it. Your communication on your progress was great and we’ve had many good email conversations, glad to have you as a friend now also.

What you can’t see here is the inside structure that makes it very strong. Note he includes nuts and bolts and a metric driver

Just sitting here on Aristo FA trucks. Note on the frame how easy it will be to mount them. Very well thought out kit.

Looking good Jerry, can’t wait to see it painted and running with your A unit.

Finally got to the B unit. GOt the trucks on, they fit the frame he made like a glove! All wired up for track power and to hook up to the A unit. Silver paint is on, will get back to it, once I get the couplers on.

This should be a good one.

You got it finished yet Jerry. It’s a nice looking kit that’s for sure. Later RJD

Had some paint/tape problems putting the blue stripe on. Finally got warm enough to re-spray. Yellow vinyl stripes are on. Want to test a clear coat on the silver before I do anything else. Also need to hook the A & B together to make sure I got the wiring right. Was a thing called Christmas that sort of got in the way.

Here is the finished Shark B unit. Neatest kit I’ve ever bought. So well engineered and thought out. Small pieces to exactly fit on the Aristo motor blocks to attach it to the custom made frame. The etched parts from the A unit were made again to go with the kit and they went on well using E6000 glue. The A&B line up even with each other very well. Johnathan did a great job planning this out. The yellow stripes are vinyl left over from My A unit build. Stan did the decals. It’s 11 degrees outside right now, supposed to get up in the 40’s next week for some outside shots. No sound and doubt i’ll bother. Nice to have some quiet trains, I live near the UP mainline. It is track powered and the D&H coaches have Gary Raymond ball bearing pickups on them, so a nice long area to pick up power.

Nice job Jerry, looks great!

Sharp looking pair Jerry. Well done(

Nice job, Jerry… Looks great… (

Thanks guys, been a long project.

Jerry, that is beautiful. Well done. BZ.

Hey Jerry they look great together. Can’t wait to see the entire train running on your layout.

Finally got warm enough-barely to get them out for a test run. Only track power units I have(that are not DCS), so had to fiddle around some. The two run nice and smooth , and no there is no sound, doubt I’ll bother.