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At last some time

… some time to go on with my background. three hours undisturbed! that is, how far i got, untill the light got too dimm. (the left part)

That’s looking good! Love that viaduct


that viaduct was easy to make. it is just a styropor blending, for that board, the track is on.

when i got my pics online again, i’ll post, how i did it.

Graet start Korm. Thanks for the pics. By the way I’ve got a few undisturbed hours if you need them. :slight_smile:

how much do you want for your surplus of undisturbed hours?

(but don’t ask too much. - looks, like i’ll get the boot at the end of this month. then i will have enough myself)

You can use as many as you need. I’m not using them so I don’t want anything for them

well, that is very generous!
so the only thing to plan is the transfer.
travelling time from you to me (by plane) should be about 12 hours at least.
so one timetravel per week of… let’s say 24 hours would give me an additional net modelling time of nearly two hours dayly…

Dang Korm, At that rate I’ll feel like I’m cheating you. How bout if I quadruple my offer and I just E-mail you the hours?

hmmmm… - i didn’t think about modern tecnics…
are you sure, that e-mailed hours won’t be damaged? will they reach me with all 60 minutes intact?
or will the internet bite off a bit?

Korm, background work & layout work look good… :slight_smile:

It’s free what do we care

Thanks, Andy.

yes, you are right. i always could take a break during any missing minutes.

enough done for today.

Nice job Korm.
How hot is it down in Paraguay today?

today it raised to about 60°F.
we had some nights between 35 and 40

I think you “broke” the weather!
It’s been 55 the past two nights which is cool for us.

Really looking sharp there Korm. :slight_smile:

No Sir, it wasn’t me! that guy over there, the one who is running, broke your weather!

this is one of the longest winters we had down here. (must be the global warming)
when it goes below 70 we think it’s cold.
we got much more days during the year, that get above 100, than days that go below 60.

thanks, Dave. next weekend i’ll use your time to try if i can paint a satisfactory lake.
then i’ can build the trestle in front of this background.

done - as far as possible. :male_detective:

@Korm So after 11 years will we find out if the cottage is Ruppunzels hide away and she’s still waiting or did you have a different slant on the view