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Any intrest in 1:24 Die Cast cars?

I’ve got a box full of 1950’s and 60’s die cast cars (might be a few older or newer) that’s taking up space. If there is some interest I’ll dig them out of the attic and take pics.

3 will fit in a Medium Priority Mail box. I’m thinking a lot of 3 for $35 including shipping. Here is a sample group of 3 that has been hanging around the layout…

I got a few nibbles in the Facebook G-Scale Swap group so I will dig them out for pictures and cross-post here and on FB.

I would be interested in any 1950’s and '60’s Chevy and GMC pickup trucks if you have some.

Thanks Wayne. I have one or two. All are up in the attic at the moment and we are headed out for the weekend. I will pull them down and get a list and pics next week. I’ll let you know what I have before I post the ad.

Thank you! I’ll that consider that Chevy Impala or Corvette if you only have a couple trucks for a book of three.

The plan at the moment is to get them out of the attic on Monday when we get home, then take photos. I’ll do a Pick 3 from the group and try to keep the photos up to date as things sell. That way you are deciding the grouping, not me :grin:

I would be… depending on the cars/ pickups and year models!

The plan has shifted since I got very little sleep over the weekend due to our hotel being 100 yards from a grade crossing on the NS Pittsburg Mainline and a 4AM wake up on Sunday.

Depending on how long I stay at work tomorrow, Ill try and get them down and photographed.

I’d much rather sell them here than on Facebook.

Be looking for the pictures whenever you get them on here…

They are posted: 1:24 Die Cast Cars - Pick any 3 for $35 Shipped Free

I forgot to give you a preview. No posted to Facebook, but on here.

There is one '56 Ford, two '37 Fords and a '55 Chevy pick-up truck in the mix.

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