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1:24 Die Cast Cars - Pick any 3 for $35 Shipped Free


These die cast cars have been in a box in my attic since 2007. I will never use them since changing to Fn3 scale. All but one are die cast metal with nice detail. One is plastic. There are three banks that appear smaller, probably around 1:32 scale. Two have been lit with GOW bulbs. On one of those, all the bulbs are out. On the other, one bulb is out. Lots of extra bulbs with pigtails will be included with those two cars.

Pick any three from the following photos for $35 and I will ship them to you via USPS Priority Mail at no additional charge -OR- pre-pay and pick up in April at the NELSTS at $10 each.

Here are the pics. I will update pictures with status as they sell.

All 1:/24 cars and trucks SOLD Thank you!

Only the banks are still available…

Paypal Freinds & Family preferred - or Goods & services for an extra $5. I’ll do Zelle with those of you I know.

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Jon, That Woodie Rod is a 1940 Ford.

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Thanks Ric. I couldn’t quite tell if it was a Willys or a Ford and definitely couldn’t pinpoint the year other than older than 50’s :smiley:

Hi Jon, Could I please get the 1955 Chevy Step Side, 1958 Chevrolet and the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette.

I can pay with a postal money order or PayPal F & F. Please let me know. Thank you, Wayne

You got them Wayne. I will send you a private message with my PayPal info.

Photos have been updated. Please refresh your screen to see current availability.

The woody wagon, the ford fairlane and and the Nomad wagon please . Email me at [email protected] with your info or private message Thanks!!!

Thanks Pete. They are yours. I sent the info via PM.

I have updated the photos with availability status yet again. Thanks guys.

I’ll leave this here exclusively until sometime Friday when I’ll cross post of Facebook on the G Scale Swap group. Price on Facebook will be $10 more.

Jon I will take The Cooper the corvette , the Impala , the 56 ford pickup, the Cobra and the black 37 pickup please if they are still available.

Thanks Pete - Yes Still available. Putting them aside for you this morning :slight_smile:

I have deleted pictures of sold items. Any photos remaining are still available except as marked SOLD.

Money sent Jon! Thanks

The three Chevy’s arrived today safe, from their trip! So cool, thank you Jon.

Thanks Wayne, And thanks for the re-order. Those 3 are yours. Editing the post now.

Thank you again Jon. Sent the money

Thanks to Wayne and Pete All of the 1:24 cars and trucks are gone. I still have the three banks, approximately 1:32. Priority mail shipping is $17.10. I don’t want to toss these, but so far it looks like that will be what happens.

How about $25 for all three shipped anywhere in USA?