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Amherst Large Scale Show 2023

Just wanted to start a thread on the upcoming Amherst large scale train show, announced by the ARS president John Sacerdote last spring, to happen April 28-29 of this year.

I don’t know if I can go (haven’t asked my better half, let alone worked out the 4 or 5 day car request), but would sure like to. And if that happens, I’d love to see one or two of y’all’s layouts up there (e.g., Bob, Jon, Stan, Al).

Jon and I have even been jawboning about a little LSC meetup then… perhaps a mini DnB? Would be larger than the last three down here, I expect.

But first things first. I went to the ARS site, but didn’t see anything on their calendar for this. So I wrote them and asked, and just got this reply from John Sacerdote:

it is on!!!

Of course, this wouldn’t be an ECLSTS replacement for me (and other “southerners” I expect), and I’ll still go to that no matter what.

But since the northeast contingent is having a hard time with the further-south Annapolis location of ECLSTS, and since KOPS is no longer happening (God rest Ken’s soul), I’m feeling that this new show might be a good bet to see some of you northeasterners again.

Well, that and Andy’s, which I’d sure love to do. But I gotta limit the scope of this thread.

Hope I’m not stirring the pot too much or in the wrong direction, but I’d appreciate your thoughts.


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Not to confused with this show on Jan 28th & 29th .

Right Sean -

Jan 28-29 is the big all scales show that has been running for years. Large Scale has had some representation in the past. Not sure how that will pan out this year with two shows.

April 28-29 will be a smaller, scale specific (well, as specific as Large Scale gets) show. I don’t think anyone is sure yet what manufacturers and dealers are attending. I think USA trains is a pretty good bet due to proximity.

If anyone sees more info posted anywhere, please pass it along.