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Amherst Large Scale Show 2023

Just wanted to start a thread on the upcoming Amherst large scale train show, announced by the ARS president John Sacerdote last spring, to happen April 28-29 of this year.

I don’t know if I can go (haven’t asked my better half, let alone worked out the 4 or 5 day car request), but would sure like to. And if that happens, I’d love to see one or two of y’all’s layouts up there (e.g., Bob, Jon, Stan, Al).

Jon and I have even been jawboning about a little LSC meetup then… perhaps a mini DnB? Would be larger than the last three down here, I expect.

But first things first. I went to the ARS site, but didn’t see anything on their calendar for this. So I wrote them and asked, and just got this reply from John Sacerdote:

it is on!!!

Of course, this wouldn’t be an ECLSTS replacement for me (and other “southerners” I expect), and I’ll still go to that no matter what.

But since the northeast contingent is having a hard time with the further-south Annapolis location of ECLSTS, and since KOPS is no longer happening (God rest Ken’s soul), I’m feeling that this new show might be a good bet to see some of you northeasterners again.

Well, that and Andy’s, which I’d sure love to do. But I gotta limit the scope of this thread.

Hope I’m not stirring the pot too much or in the wrong direction, but I’d appreciate your thoughts.


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Not to confused with this show on Jan 28th & 29th .

Right Sean -

Jan 28-29 is the big all scales show that has been running for years. Large Scale has had some representation in the past. Not sure how that will pan out this year with two shows.

April 28-29 will be a smaller, scale specific (well, as specific as Large Scale gets) show. I don’t think anyone is sure yet what manufacturers and dealers are attending. I think USA trains is a pretty good bet due to proximity.

If anyone sees more info posted anywhere, please pass it along.

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There was a lot of G for sale at the January show!

2.5 weeks until the Amherst show. I’m really looking forward to the trip, the show, and seeing some LSC layouts!

Here’s their page on the show, very nicely done.

Note the prominent notice of the LSC Drag n Brag.

Cliff check this out Northeast Large Scale Train Show

Conventions, Shows, Clubs and Get-Togethers

Thanks for pointing that thread out, Richard.

Look for the 2023 NGRC Booth at the Amherst Show! Nancy Norris and some friends will be running the booth. We will have some of the 2023 National Garden Railway Convention merchandise on display and some of the items will be donated for door prizes. One will be the 2023 NGRC limited edition Convention Car manufactured by USA Trains. The car is for sale on our website for $100… with pick up only at the convention in Santa Clara.

Enjoy the show! We’d love to see some of you at the Convention in about 3 months in Santa Clara California.


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I decided to book a room for Friday night. Not a lot available at this point, but all I need is a clean bed, so the Red Roof in W. Springfield will be my home for Friday night. See y’all in MA :smiley:

From the Amherst Railway Society Newsletter. A new show called the Northeast Large Scale Train Show will be held on April 28 & 29, 2023 at the same venue as the Amherst RR Hobby show (All Scales) in Jan. This does NOT take the place of ECLSTS which is on April 14th and 15th. (Was discussed before in another thread but I’m trying to make it clear that this is NOT ECLSTS) :roll_eyes:

I’m happy to hear of another "Large Scale Train Show, but am wondering if two shows so close together will just split an already shrinking market.
Will dealers/distributors want shows so close together, and will customers go to both shows so close together ?
I do hope they are both successful, but I won’t be going to either, due to travel distance, and border/health issues. As if anyone cares !!
Fred Mills :smiley:

The shows are about 6 hours driving distance apart and from the conversation I’ve seen on Facebook, few are willing to travel half that! Also, I don’t know about a “shrinking market” as all model railroad scales have experienced a huge growth since covid.

Biggest reason I go to shows is to see the people I normally don’t see during the year. I’m planning to go to both shows, always a good way to start the train season off.

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If i recall correctly the ECLS show folks started out by asking if someone was willing to step in and take over, then apparently decided to continue. will be interesting. have only been to the ECLS Show once, but west Springfield is one hour away, so i will attend.


I’ll likely make the trip as well. With ECLSTS moving South it put it out of my comfortable range. Springfield is less than two hours. Might get a room, or just come up for one day.

That is good news. I just hope that this year covid doesn’t resurface to shut down the January show like it has the last few years AND if the blizzards could hold off that weekend like it didn’t last year we could have a great show again.

Hmmm maybe it will not be as crazy as the Bid E train show…Hmmm might bring the grandsons… I like to visit friends as well .

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Am I allowed to attend ?

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Not sure what Fred was talking about What I think he was talking about was money. I have been known to spend what I call a lot at the Jan. show and he is right I would not recover for April.