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Alfred Brown Coal Company

I ran across this video a few weeks ago. One of the last deep anthracite coal mines in PA closed down. A small handful of guys had been working it for the last several years. A fascinating view into how anthracite is mined by hand, compared to bituminous, where it is very mechanical.


Good grief. Nice video, but WHAT a way to make a living… :innocent:

While I watched this, an old country song kept running through my mind.

Since you brought up anthracite a good recommendation for any (near or far) future trips down 1-81 into Pennsyltucky would be.

Ain’t been there in 35 yrs and Frackville welp that’s more like 30yrs. I’m turning into an old fricking man!

There’s a couple more videos of the mine at work. This one on YouTube is the above ground.

and if you have FB, this one shows running the coal buggy.

Definitely a hard way to make a living.

Cool. Definitely a place I wouldn’t want to be in for more than an hour or so.

Not sure if it is still running, but there was a fairly modern Anthricite mine open for tours just South of Scranton. I believe it’s called the Lackawana Coal Mine. Been almost 30 years since we toured. You go down in a crew car suspended by an electric hoist.

Hard to believe that it is still mined this way. Not much has changed in a 150 years or more. Thanks for sharing