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Accucraft horizontal pilot for Bachmann Eureka 4-4-0

Getting back into large scale trains after 10 years. Finally found an accucraft horizontal strap pilot to fit to my disassembled Bachmann Eureka 4-4-0. Has anyone here done this change and can offer tips or suggestions?

Hi David,
I replied on your MLS thread, so here’s the response again.

We had a dis-assembled 4-4-0 last year, and my pal Tim fitted a new pilot to it. He used a pilot off a 4-6-0 (this wasn’t a model of Eureka.) You might find something useful in the photos on this thread:
A Tale of Two 4-4-0s

I don’t see why the pilot wouldn’t be a simple swap, assuming it came from the Accu 4-4-0. You’ll probably have to re-work the pivot, and bear in mind the Accu may not be insulated.

It occurred to me afterwards that a photo of the Accucraft pilot might confirm my suspicions.