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A drinking thread with a history problem!

I’ll start and post mine !



Post yours up !

Not old, but 2015, 611 storms back into service.

History still being made, David Meashey

Like North Readings 2102

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Thank you BD. I saw that load before and had since lost track of it. I’ll try to keep a better hold on it as I have the jeeps now. :sunglasses:

One of my favorites.


The title reminds me of that t-shirt…

Also of the (many-chaptered and most ancient) E. Clampus Vitus historical society, of which one chronicler said: “It is claimed ECV is a historical drinking society; others claim it to be a drinking historical society. The debate continues…”


Maybe a Drinking club, with a railroad problem, or is it a Garden club with a railroad problem (More than likely) !!!

We used to call Tivoli (an IBM company that I worked for)
a “drinking company with a software problem”

A HUGE change from IBM.


I didn’t have a drinking problem, I belonged to the Col. Sanders’ fraternity, I Atea Thigh.

Ducking & weaving, David Meashey

So, Rick, is that a V8 engine in the boiler housing or is someone having fun with photo shop? :grinning:



I think its fer reals. Lumber companies were noted for repowering and repurposing old locomotives. I have even seen photos of Shays repowered with Diesel engines.

Best, David Meashey

Another building on my “to-do” list, is the steam plant that was at the Avondale mine.

And it’s predecessor.

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I think I like the predecessor for a model… :innocent:

Looking at the boiler diameters, it appears that the original 3 are still at the far end of the boiler house in the more recent picture. Cool building to model and a great candidate for lots of 3D printed parts.


Back in the day in the hood.