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2023 NGRC Santa Clara, CA July 1-8, 2023

Things have been progressing nicely on the planning for the 2023 National Garden Railway Convention. We’ve secured the Hyatt Santa Clara at the unheard of rate of $149 per night! You can make reservations here: Hyatt Reservations for the 2023 NGRC. There is a glitch in the system that doesn’t allow you to book a King Bed room before July 1st… I’m working on the hotel staff to fix that but I’d suggest booking the 2-bed room if you’re arriving early then change to the King. We’ve locked in 3 of the large convention halls so that we can use the closer "Hall A"entrance to the convention center, so no more long trek to the far end of the center to visit the vendor hall. Right now, all of the clinics will be held in the Hyatt Hotel so access for those will be much easier also… We are in the process of buying up 2 complete dining cars on the Napa Valley Wine Train for an amazing pre-convention excursion and dining experience. It is a bit pricy at $240.00 (per person!) but that is down form the original $320.00 price quoted to us… so that’s good, right? We have again booked the amazing Roaring Camp Railroad for our steak BBQ and the Narrow Gauge Ride through the redwoods. The vendor hall will be filled with display layouts, manufacturer’s booths, and, of course, as many of the best Garden Railway Vendors we can fit. I’ve been told that the convention we held in 2016 was the best ever dollar wise for vendors and we are trying to surpass that in 2023. Accucraft has stepped up to be the title sponsor of our Friday Night Banquet and LGB sponsorship will help us hold a “true” Ice Cream Social on Thursday before the vendor hall opens. You’ll get your choice of a Donut or Brownie bottomed vanilla sundae that will be served in our LGB Social Hall. We are working on some surprises to be revealed at the Ice Cream Social and attendees of the social will also get to enter the vendor hall first when the doors open up. We will have Garden Layout Tours everyday of the convention spread over the entire SF Bay Area. This is one reason, among many, why the convention is held the week of Fourth of July… less traffic!

I’m here it try and answer any questions… as I’m again the Chairman as I was in 2016.

Russ Miller
Chairman NGRC 2023

Oooh thats close! (relatively) :grin:

Well Vic, you gonna attend? It’s gonna be fun!

Thinking about it, have to convince the wife, she enjoyed Roaring Camp so there’s hope.

Working on the schedule of events… Let me know your thoughts.

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The limited edition collectable pins have arrived!

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Hi Russ,

Our family plans have changed over July 4th week, so SPLIT JAW is now planning on attending NGRC 2023. I plan on sending in the paperwork over this weekend.

I was impressed with the $149 room rate at the Hyatt, nice job on that!

Best regards,

David Bergmann
Split Jaw Products, LLC

Excellent News!
We have the Vendor Hall Layout up on our website…

Email me at [email protected] and I can forward your info to our vendor chair and get you all of the information.

Russ Miller
2023 NGRC Chairman

Hey Russ, a week ago or so I ran across a post, I thought from you, that showed pics of some of the new merchandise that will be at the convention – the pin, a mug, the convention car, etc. But I can’t find that post anywhere - LSC, MLS, F-book… and there are still no merch details on the NGRC web site. Did you post this, and if so where?

In any case, see ya’ there!

Gary, I posted the photos on MyLargeScale … I can’t seem to figure out how to post the photos here…

Updated Schedule of events… I’m hoping people sign up for the amazing Great Western Rail Adventure lead by Chris Skow…
fullpage_ad_2023_v4.pdf (1.4 MB)!

Trying out a small banner ad…

Here are the photos of the limited edition 15oz Coffee Mug

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Just a quick Heads Up… The Early Bird pricing on Registration for the 2023 NGRC ends March 31st. Make sure you get your registrations in before then to save!

The 2023 National Garden Railway Convention Convention Cars arrived yesterday! The 2023 NGRC limited edition Convention Cars were manufactured by USA Trains. The car is for sale on our website for $100… with pick up only at the convention in Santa Clara.

We’d love to see everyone at the National Garden Railway Convention in about 3 months in Santa Clara California.


I received the two 1:29 AML Boxcars today from Accucraft. These will be used as door prizes during the 2023 NGRC Accucraft Banquet.

More surprises will be coming. We hope to see some of you there…

Well was planning on being there , family things have changed , but might be able to sneaks a day or 2 in.

Bachmann is sponsoring the BBQ at Roaring Camp Railroads. They’ve helped me keep the cost reasonable and they also donated two of their locomotives as door prizes during the BBQ. We also have another special treat for those attending the BBQ… We will be giving away two cab rides in the Heisler or Shay that is pulling our train up the mountains…

I’d love to see you all there!
Russ Miller