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2022 Large Scale Train Show

I see the formerly ECLSTS has been announced for 1 & 2 April 2022 at the same location as last year in the same Shopping Center as Star Hobby.
I am SO looking forward to getting out.

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It’s indoors.


Sounds interesting.

Any plans for a Drag & Brag? Which Hotel???

Bruce- Someone would have to organize a D&B I suppose. Basic question is how many people are going to show up?

One thing that is going to happen is the Aikenback live steamers plan to setup their track in the parking lot, weather permitting. So there should be live steaming for both days. BTW The show is near Annapolis, Maryland on US 50, a major highway and easy to get to.


Good question indeed! I was actually thinking of going, perhaps even for the show! But, I always enjoy the D&B - I MIGHT go if the D&B is in an IHG hotel (where I can stay for “FREE”)

OK do I have a deal for you! (not…) The Crown Plaza which is an IHG hotel in Annapolis, 10 min from Star Hobby has a party room for $200. I will keep searching but that is probably representative of the local situation.

That sounds good to me! Is that the Crown Plaza at 173 Jennifer St?

Yes it is the one on Jennifer Road. Quick access to RT 50…

OK. If we end up with the Drag & Brag there I will sure attend!



All we (LSC) have to do is come up with the $200 rental…


Bruce, would it be a show stopper for you if we went to the Doubletree or Hilton Garden or Hampton?

I guess you might detect where my hotel points reside…


Probably would NOT GO…BUT don’t do stuff on account of me :innocent:

Do those places have meeting rooms?

I wish I could go, if for no other reason than to quaff a beer or three with you, Cliff, and few others, for old times sake…I’d even bring a lost “Rodent” with me, in case Mauro showed up with the rest of the family…few others remember the Rodents, the horn playing, and Joisey Swamp flooding story behind them.
There should be a “Drag & Brag/Rodent” reunion…Ken Brunt would likely be there in Spirit… sometime soon.


Well, it should be interesting to see if there even IS a Drag & Brag this year. Things sure do change…

Just testing the waters, Bruce. :grin: The D’tree is only 5 mins away from the Crown P, so I’d just drive over.

Unless Jerry found a cheaper place to host the D&B.

If few can commit to share the meeting room cost, an alternative might be for someone to volunteer to have it in their room.

We HAVE had it in a room before, but it’s much nicer to have a dedicated meeting room.

I still have the sign, but I thinks we should plan the next Rodent Party to be in Ottawa once this COVID crap dies down.

BTW - I will not be traveling to this show. Hope y’all have fun.

How old is this pic… Ha Ha

Not sure HOW old that is…but I have more than a few…

Plus rodents!

And more recent ones…

If no $$, Jerry’s garage is only 5 minutes from the CP and 15 mins from Star Hobby. . . .