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2022 Edition of Jan and Ric's Great Adventure

2 January, 2022 - Ridge Live Steamers, Dundee, Florida

WARNING! - I ramble on. Jan calls them “Sea Stories”. Please stop reading now, if I offend you or waste your time in anyway.

Yes, 2021 is out here! It left on a sad note with the loss of Stan and less than two weeks earlier, Ken. Like Bruce said, its like a gut punch.

This has become my unofficial journal of our travels and adventures. Its under “Other Hobbies”, because we do it for fun. We are very fortunate to be in a camper on the road, or near a layout, or an event, or on the property of a scale railroad track. What fun, what an adventure!

The year started with planning and talking to a very experienced machinist and friend, about work on my 1.5 scale live steam “Tram”.

This fraternity of the railroad hobby, no matter what scale, is just wonderful. People are always, willing to help. Just look at this Forum, its full of advice and skill and people to share what they know and learn.

I’ve always heard, vertical steam cylinders do not need cylinder cocks. I accepted it and I guess hardly thought more about it. Yesterday, a guy said, “You want to know why?” I’m not one to say, “no not really, I like being ignorant”. So he explained. On a horizontal cylinder the water that can cause the hydro-static lock, settles at the bottom of the cylinder and can cause uneven pressure on the piston, as it tries to compress it. On a vertical cylinder the water is seeking its own level and is even over the entire piston head. Therefore, it gets equally pushed past the piston and out the stack or out around the piston rod.

Yeah, I know. You guys are all saying, “everyone knows that”. Okay, I now know it, also. And if I really put time in to thinking about it, I might have come up with that on my own.

Hey, earlier today I saw my first Ontario license plate in Florida since March of 2020. Maybe things will start getting better. Here’s hoping and praying.

Great hobby, great adventure. Stay safe, my friends.


Keep on trucking you two the adventures are a joy you so kindly share. :sunglasses:

There are quite a few around. Our pals from NB are said to be coming down next weekend.

Any idea when you might be leaving Ridge? I ought to get the Hudson out and run it sometime this year!

Odd, we never saw those out here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Peter,
If you are going to DiamondHead, there will be a gentleman there looking for you, David Hovarth(sp?). David kind of runs the #1 Gauge and Live Steam Garden Railroad track at Ridge.
Our plans are to be here until around April 1st. We have a family vacation planned at Orlando for a week and a week at Cedar Key, but certainly we are around here most of the time. It would be great for you to visit the track.

No Diamondhead for me this year - certainly not with this variant running around.
Not sure we’ll ever get to Ridge, as the new boat (33’ Antares) arrives at the end of the month and that will occupy us for a while.

Understand, stay safe!