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2019 NGRC Portland Photos!!!

Sorry for the bait-and-switch thread title, but I don’t have any photos because I’m stuck in Maryland!

But if you’re there, please help the rest of your LSC brethren and sistren out, and post some pics of the show and the layouts you visit!

Wishin’ I were there, but hopin’ you’re having a total blast,


Here are some photos from NGRC. They are raw, unedited and with no captions or descriptions yet, but they will give you a flavor of what’s going on, at least from my standpoint. I think there’s also some other unrelated photos in the folder, including some remodeling of our home and the infamous burned-out build from the Mik’s Challenge of a couple years ago.

Holy cow, the Mother Lode! Great shots, and the layout signs are very helpful. Love the model pics.

Thanks Gregory!!

And like I thought it being in the Northwest, a lot of logging railroads, and moss covered layouts. I’m so jealous of the thick green lush landscaping in the northwest. Oh well we will deal with it in our own way here in the furnace of Phoenix AZ. Look forward to more pictures.

Wow, Greg. Great shots. I don’t envy the judges of the modelling contest - there’s some seriously beautiful models there!

Awesome shots, Greg. Thanks for taking us along with you to the convention! I particularly like the fire car (made out of craft sticks!).

Thanks Gregory. Great shots. (

Thanks, Greg!

Great photos, Gregory. Thanks for sharing with those of us that were unable to attend.

UPDATE: Another 30 or so photos from today added …


Great images, Greg… Thanks so much for the update… Good to see the layouts in the images as I can’t get out to see them in person… (

Wonderful photos Gregory!! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could be there with my family…but you know…work!!

Richard[email protected]/cKCiKM[email protected]/[email protected]/shares/v49m13

I’m no flicker expert… try these links, should be about 250 images total


Guys, that is Tom Miller’s layout in the pictures from Gregory…who’s running the layout now that he sold the place? Do you know Gregory? Did you meet them?


John is correct, and, in fact, Tom was there and talking to people that day. I don’t remember the family’s name but they have a store in town and sell apple cider and baked goods. The property will be used for special events, weddings, that sort of thing. I did not meet them but I saw the son and waved. Others did meet the owner at the store and described them as very nice people.


Rooster had asked for pictures of the Amtrak train (Coast Starlight) that I took to and from the NGRC 2019 convention.

Example shown is Amtrak Train 11, Return Trip from Portland, Oregon to San Jose CA - taken in San Jose on Sept. 1, 2019

GE P42DC Genesis Locos:

Selected cars:

(I was in that end coach car)

ID Stickers - Specifications:

Example GE P42DC truck:


The post by Greg Hile was particularly rewarding. Some great railroads and models to be seen certainly. Lots of ideas for those setting up or adding to their pikes. One photo did cause some mirth here and that was the paddle store. (

Thanks, everyone. I just got back last night and am exhausted. Aside from NGRC, I was also visiting family in Olympia and in Portland, including several visits to the hospital to meet my granddaughter who decided to enter the world a wee bit early. She’s growing like a weed and is up to a little over 4 lbs now, and doing great.

I had some issues syncing photos to my Flicklr account, so there might actually be a few more. I might also have info on the winners of the modeling contest — not sure if I captured it or not, and, if possible on Flickr, I might be able to add some commentary to photos. No guarantees!


John asked about who is running Tom Millers layout now that it is sold. For the open house he was there doing the operating. I do know a little about what the future plans are for the place. A local company that makes apple cider is going to build a plant to make hard cider on the property, I’m guessing in the old machine shop building and use the building where the F scale is as a tasting room. The layout will stay. That’s really about all I know. It looks like all the 1.5 scale track is still there. I don’t know what the plans are for that.

Greg Elmassian said:[email protected]/cKCiKM[email protected]/[email protected]/shares/v49m13

I’m no flicker expert… try these links, should be about 250 images total


Thanks for trying.

The first 2 are the same and there are sideways and upside down ones too, in the other.

Is there a setting for Portrait/ Landscape?