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1932 Ford - diecast

got lucky today. one of the traveling peddlers, that sell us toys for our store had something special. a second hand collection of diecast vehicles.

most from the 50s and early 60s, but one 1932 Ford 3 - Window. because the rear bumper is missing a small edge, i got it for $8.80

that guy made my day!

oh, i forgot… cars are always presented by beautyfull girls.

she is 1:25 so, i suppose, the car is about the same.

After Christmas, Walmart is a good place for die cast cars.

A number of years ago I bought die cast cars for $5 each.

They had rubber tires, the trunk opened, the doors opened so you could turn the steering wheel to move the front wheels, and the hood opened to show the motor.

For $10 there were pick-up trucks towing a trailer with a car on it.

Although very weathered, some can still be found on the Fred’s IPP&W Railroad.

I like the car, but the rims just don’t do it for me. I have passed up several “deals” on cars I liked, because the car was sitting on the wrong rims.

Nice find for the price. Looks like all stock except for those rims/tires, glad I am not the only one who doesn’t like them.

Wasn’t '32 the introductory year for the Ford flat head V8 ? Looks like a few chrome covered items that probably can’t be considered stock as well.

Nice car, it’s always fun to make a “find” especially when it’s inexpensive.


Rick and David,

the car has a spare wheel at the back, that looks, like it could be from 1932. maybe, that i either make a mold from that, or scan it for 3D prints.

or…, thinking Devonish, i could put big hauler pony-wheels under it, insert a motor and call it an inspection car.


as far, as i know, the next walmart is about 8 or 9 thousend miles from here…

if i count a round-ticket into the equation, i would have to buy about 320 cars at $5 that they cost me $8.80 each. (not counting baggage overweight on the flight back)

so i think, i’ll be just happy with my buy.

thinking Devonish, i could put big hauler pony-wheels under it, insert a motor and call it an inspection car.


Oh that’s a good one.

Korm. A good buy in my book. I’m afraid $5.00 die casts are a thing of the past these days. Those wheels can be easily concealed with other items when set on your layout…shrubs, crates, people, etc. I like it.

I’m not even sure its a 32, grill looks wrong for a 32, but hard to tell. either way rip those wheels and tires off and anything else would look better on it. for less than $9.00 good buy. Almost all my die cast are the expensive well built Danbury Mint or Franklin Mint ones, so they will not be sitting out long on the layout

Pete, I usually have a $15 to $20 limit on automobiles. I have seen some beautiful stuff that is out of my price range.

I do agree that $5 autos are hard to come by, and that is a good deal.

I look for period autos, like the one Korm found. But mostly I look for everyday type autos, something an average person would be driving.


some similar to these, plus some of these “battleship”-sized cars from the fifties make the bulk of the collection.

but patience is the name of the game.

that guy comes every year before christmas. and he brings that collection everytime. and seemingly he got no other customer for these.

first time he presented them, i bought some pick ups (2 or 3 years ago) then i payed much more per car.

if i buy just one or two per year, maybe, the last ones are for free… :wink:

Terrific $5 acquisition.

Yes the rims take-a-way from it, but if not acceptable to owners running their trains in the ‘bygone era’, the wheels could be popped off and possibly replaced. Ooooor put the unit up on blocks after weathering with BadgerModelFlex ‘Rust’+ :wink:

I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that wallys’ has not ‘invaded’ Paraguay !

doug c

btw the white pickup in your secondary post/pic reminds me of my trolling the booths that comprised el centro market, mazatlan mex. for any vehicles that were available till '04 down there during our annual mid-winter visits, the theory being they were available and cheaper, than up north in our retail shops ! It was more fun bartering for them than t-shirts or blankets others were acquiring. Of course back then luggage weight/size were not really a issue as is now when flying …

Doug Cannon said:

I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that wallys’ has not ‘invaded’ Paraguay !

apart from beer and softdrink brands, only chains that found their way down here are the Mac, the King, the Hut and Rooster’s enemy from Kentucky.

It appears the 1:24 scale cars that I bought years ago are now made under the name of Motormax.

I see that even Amazon is getting to be a slimy place to buy something.

Some of the cars I bought are now $15 (inflation?).

But the sellers want $45 to ship them.

Some decent gear on here 1937 Ford Pickup

for exam[le

They seem well stocked for stuff in the Railroad scales…

Ross, yes, I have purchased quite a few vehicles from them over the years.

Problem is, when you factor in shipping it gets to be a car you won’t leave out on the layout and I’d forget. Walmart used to have some good stuff, years ago, but the latest $10 I got from them are cheap. Chrome peeled off one in just a few days. Gas station here used to have one of those guys that came by with cheaper cars, but no longer. Tractor supply is sometimes a good place. I have started using that Papilio polyfocus, helps keep the windows from opaquing. Not quite as clear as when new but when you peel it off after a season outside, the windows are still good and I put it on again for the next year.

Jerry, I would not leave autos outside for fear that they would sprout legs and walk away.

As for shipping, 3000toys does free shipping promotions from time to time. They also do 10% off sales, that would help offset the cost of shipping.

I got a 1:30 scale firetruck from them once, for a boxcar project that is on the “someday” list.


I am two miles out of town on a dirt road, no close neighbors. Been here 20 years with no problems, thankfully. With the windows not fogging up anymore they stay looking better, get dirty and so on, but look okay from the deck!

just after i read the thread about addiction, i got visited by my preferred peddler…

this time i had to pay $14 for each.

these two plastic"beauties" for the background were cheaper. 3 and 1 $.

Nice finds,

But be warned, as it is pretty easy to get carried away with diecast vehicles for the layout (