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Zimo mx820 question

I am deciding how I want to set up my layouts automation. I understand EPL but really don’t want to run the mess of wires to do what I want to do. The costs of the decoders will actually be less than buying more wire and control boxes.

I plan to normally run two trains on one loop in opposite directions with one train pulling into the station and releasing the other train. But, I want to know if I can easily turn off the automation and just run one train roundy-round non-stop if I don’t feel like pulling out two trains, or if I am having issues with one of the circuits, etc…

So, can the switch decoder be set to ignore the input? I know the decoder will throw the points when the input is triggered (LGB 17100 reed contact in my case). I know I can have the DCC controller throw the points manually, even if the decoder is connected to the input/reed contact. But can I tell it to ignore the reed sensor indefinitely so that the points will not be thrown when the train passes the reed contact, until I tell it differently?

Also, can the MX820 be connected to two separate Reed contacts at the same time? So that one contact would throw the points left and the other would throw the points to the right?

Thank you. Normally, I would just have the loco push though the points in the one direction. But now I am using TrainLi’s turnouts with the powered frogs. So I don’ think that is an option and will have to throw the points before the loco gets there to avoid a short.