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your own station

The price is not too bad, but the daily commute who be pretty expensive from Ft. Worth, Texas


Stations in the UK often had a house attached for the use of the stationmaster. After Dr Beeching closed the branch lines, many of them became private homes, and some extended themselves into the old railway section - like the waiting rooms. Some still have the old railway bits, like this one has - and some even have a railway running past the platform.

When I was at school in the 1960s, my friend’s father was a VP at the NE division of British Rail, so when they started closing the lines, he got to buy one, at Constable Burton. I spent many weekends with my pal at the station, wandering down the line to the dairy farm, etc. No electricity, so gas lamps only! It’s now on the Wensleydale line, which is attempting to restore the railway all the way to Hawes. The station building was demolished in 1980.

Nice patio for entertaining.