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I recently bought several new Aristo craft engines and I’m looking to buy several QSI Aristo plug and play DCC decoders.

They can be either the Magnums or the Titan boards as long as they are in working condition.

Pm me how many you have and how much you want for them.

Thanks, Ron

Welcome aboard Ron. Pul up a seat and grab your favorite beverage while we find those who have an answer to your question
Dave :sunglasses:

Thanks, but not really new been this site on since 2015. Just not much in the way of posting since Changes and migration.

Still looking for some.

Ron, sent you a PM… I have a possible couple qsi decoders for you. One is a titan and other is an Aristo PnP.

Cool I’ll take them, send you a PM.

Hi Mike not really sure if I’m doing this right, new format is confusing vs old one. I sent you a pm with my info (I think lol)

Ron, I replied to you today and also send you some photos as you requested!

Thanks Mike, information sent.

Still looking for several more cards, please PM me if you have any to sell. Thanks

Making progress still need a few more :grin:

I’m still in need of some Qsi decoders, pm me if you have any for sale, thanks.

Still need a couple, lmk

some Nephew you are did not even talk to me about these boards as hat is all I use. :slightly_smiling_face: Later RJD