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WTB Motor Block (found)

I’m looking for a motor block for a Bachmann Trolley #93955 for the vice president of our club. She has had this trolley for quite some time.
I installed knuckle couplers as she wanted and brought the trolley to the club G gauge layout. It towed 1 Bachmann coach quite nicely until it stopped. The motor burned up, seized and melted one of the wheel pickup plungers and the motor mount. Anyone have a motor block from this trolley or even a 4 wheel diesel motor block that I could adapt? Just to note: the 1 coach did not seem at all to be too much load.

I have fixed a few of these, and yes, the motor will melt the brush holders and other parts! I have a Xmas trolley (that I am trying to get rid of) with a motor block that I fixed a couple of years ago - I don’t know whether it got a new motor or just a fixed old motor. (I could look, I guess.)

I can remove the motor block and sell it to you for $40.

New ones used to be available from Bachmann, but they are prone to melt too. A better idea, if you can get one, is a USAT power truck. I had a couple from a 44-tonner which seemed much more robust.