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WTB Aristo Show Cars

I am still in search of Aristocraft Show Cars. I still need:
NKP Gondola # 44635
MKT Dbl Door Boxcar # 45062
Must have the boxes.
I do not do FB, so if you find one, I will pay a handsome finders fee and postage.

Boxcar was from MWLSTS. Gondola was ECLSTS.

Do you have pictures? I peruse a few Facebook for sale groups, but I generally just scroll by the photos as my interest is pretty narrow (pun intended).

In answer to a steadily diminishing number of requests, here are pictures. See the needed car numbers in the original post.
Thank you all for looking.!

Hmm. One posted, the other did not.
Take 2.

Thanks Lou. I’ll let you know if I see any.