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WTB Aristo Flat Cars

Okay this is a real long shot. But I am looking for very cheap aristo flat cars. I don’t need couplers or even trucks. I will put my own KADEEs and printed trucks on them. I need them for some serious bashing so as long as they are serviceable I would take them in just about any condition.

I have been trying to pay no more than 25-30 bucks +shipping. They seem to be getting harder to get on EBAY for this price. I would need probably close to 10 of them.

This is for a long string of skeleton log cars.

If anyone has some laying around that they hate then let me know :innocent:

With your woodworking skills, you should be able to build them quickly, and for a lot less $ than you are paying for flats. I never finished this project beyond a few un-detailed cars, but have located the build log thread (needs pictures fixed) and still have the plan drawings.

OR - Are you meaning to say logging disconnects, which can have a flat deck…

Or, you might try the updated plan set I did for the GR cars here: GR Plan Set 40. The GR plan sets were made for truck mounted couplers, mine are the same. With your skill sets you should have no problem altering them for body mount couplers if you desire.

Wrong kind of car. These were all shop built cars from fish belly flat cars.

The railroad I am modeling had hundreds of these and would pull strings of 30+ loaded cars.

I have designed the bunks for 3D printing as well as other detail parts. I have made one already using bunks I cast in white metal. You take the flat car apart. Take the deck off of it, cut everything but the frame out and then add some end platforms and bunks and details.

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Sorry Devon, forgot you are way to modern for us ‘tea kettle’ folks.

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Why don’t you just cut the fishbelly parts out yourself? Make one solid piece with the bolsters, draft gear, etc and then cast them in resin?

Or even better yet print the parts and glue together then cast as one piece?


Your nuts. This is and likely will be the ONLY modern equipment in my roster :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Almost everything I do is 1800 narrow gauge steam. These Dino burners and associated rolling stock feels like something from star trek.

Craig I have thought about it and may yet still do that. It would be pretty easy to take one of the aristo cars and get the body in one piece then cast the entire thing. Then attach the bolsters and details. I may yet do this. That way I can make as many as I want. Its a great idea and one I have tossed around.

He’s Devoning again … :kissing:

In an effort to avoid devoning I have found myself devoning

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