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World's Least Exciting G Scale Layout

But at least I am outside in the backyard!

Trying to find a good spot to put down a layout a bit bigger than this one.

Must say it is fun to run trains in the backyard while enjoying a bevrage in the Sun!

Gotta start somewhere.

It all goes down hill from here, ya know?

Paul, I agree with Ken. You’ve made a great start, and you have all the main boxes checked.

  1. Outdoors (bonus points for sunshine)

  2. Train & track (bonus points for train actually running on track)

  3. Beverage (of perhaps an adult sort)

Most of our layouts simply involve an increased quantity of one of these three elements.


Paul, you are way ahead of me. I have been at this for over 10 years and still don’t have any track to run on. What I get a chance I run at the club, which is a 2 hour ride so not too often. I run the larger 1:20 stuff so for me I need a 20 foot circle just to do donuts, part of the hold up.

Yours is looking good. I second what Ken and Cliff said with this addition…so long as you are having fun, who cares what others think.

Thanks all, for the kind words and the encouragement! And by being debricating, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful…I am thankful I have a yard to set up in, able to have had the money to acquire some trains, and fortunate to have the health to enjoy them.


To borrow a phrase style from my Grandfather, “It’s more railroading than it would be were it less railroading than it is.”

And, yes, to be able to watch one’s trains run out under the sky & at the same time have refreshment in hand sounds grand!

No pressure Paulmac, but our summers are short. ( said, I collected for 20 years before I ran my first train, and that was just a test loop in the house.


My first train was a starter set, a circle and enough straights to make a tri-oval on the dirt.

My sister thought I looked grand when she took the pic of me;


Railroad Baron!

John Caughey said:

My first train was a starter set, a circle and enough straights to make a tri-oval on the dirt.

Mine was the same thing on the driveway.

Hi John,

That does look grand!! Yours, too, Ken!!

I am really appreciating all these starter photos!


One’s excitement comes from the desire within… It doesn’t make any difference how big or small, nor how well decorated it is or not…

If you are excited about trains, and excited about running trains and you got a train running and are excited, then that’s all that’s required…

Just my 2 cents worth… (

Welcome to the small is better than nothing club (

I love it, Vic!! (

I love it, Vic!! (


Here’s a sample of the “occupational hazards” my G scale crews encounter.

And the train actually ran over Georgie’s leash just fine.

Gotta love Grumman’s “Train? What train? I know nothing of any train wreck.”

Vic Smith said:

Welcome to the small is better than nothing club (

And speaking of small - those Hartland Locomotive Works Mack locomotives are good and sturdy little things. Well worth the money.

Here’s some history on the real ones,

Mack Rail – The Locomotives

By kscarbel2, November 27, 2013 in Modern Mack Truck General Discussion

Mack built rail cars and locomotives from 1905 until 1930. In the period 1951 through 1954, the company built 10 forward control diesel rail cars.

Hey Paul;

If there’s little to no space for a layout, and you enjoy model building, and you aren’t exactly swimming in cash, and even if you are, and the layout you do have pretty much demands tight curves and small rolling stock, there is the Garden railway modeling ‘associated sport’ of Mackbashing. (

Also doable with their electric cousin the HLW Sparky.

Some people, like the builder of these, who shall remain anonymous, will even do things like spend twenty-some dollars on chains and sprockets to add a non-working representation of the actual wee beastie’s chain drive.

If nothing else, they can live ‘underground’ beneath the HO modular layout down at model train club & do their break-in runs on Bachmann tinplate rails in front of one’s poster paper and balsa scratchbuilt scenery.

(which was sadly ruined a couple years ago when floor got wet as result of plumbing failure and flood)


I just sat down to run some trains when I saw this post.

As fate would have it, this is what I was running on my layout.

Paulmac said:

As fate would have it, this is what I was running on my layout.

Love it! (