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Wireless LEDs

These are neat. I’m not sure what we would use them for, but I’m sure I can think of something.


Pretty neat indeed! How about marker lights in the caboose?

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Maybe? I think the issue is they still need to be within range of their power pack thingy, its just no wires.

Yep. Watched the video and they rely on a pretty large coil nearby. Might be cool to use on trees with the coil at the base.

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Well, if the coil is installed in the roof it should be fine with a range of 10 cm.
I’m just not clear what powers the coil!

OK, just watched the DIY link from the original video and it looks like all you need in 5 volts…


Okay, I didn’t see where I can buy these little LEDs and the wireless output voltage board?

Really cool, thanks Bob.

Right, it would be an application where you couldn’t get wires to…

Marker lights is a great idea, also switch stand lanterns (coil beneath the track? but maybe rail power would interfere?

I noticed the reviewer said they lit up when he held them!

I could see Dave Bodnar having a field day, with cars that light up when passing over a special place, or when waving a coil-wand-thing over them.


Oh I so already have a use for these. A certain someone who hangs out here is getting a present from me some day. Its a Billboard advertising his trucking company. One of the reasons this project stalled, besides the fact that I Devon everything, is a way to make little tiny lights to light it up and get the wires run to where the need to go and make it look like correctly sized conduit. I think it was Rooster who gave me a solution to use brass tube as the conduit and also one of the conductors and run the other wire in it. While that would be a great solution these little wireless guys would be perfect. The power supply could be in the base that hold the sign.

I knew there was a reason i hadn’t finished that project. I needed these.

Nevermind. My big long post needed better research. But these things are cool

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