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Winter wheels!

Hi guys,
I have a new video of some winter ops on Rockwall Canyon!

The video contains a few reviews…
If you’re viewing in the largescalecentral window, you might not be able to see the YouTube description window, so I’ve copied the links to this post:

Convinced you need weathering yet??? Please check out the J&A Weathering page for more details: Facebook သို့ ဝင်ပါ | Facebook (I can connect you with the owner by other means if facebook/meta isn’t your cup of tea!)

How about those Sierra Valley wheels?? Insulated steel wheels with stainless steel axles…turned to the correct angles which allows for a much more prototypical flange.
check out the TrainDepartment for wheels and all your G1 live steam needs : 1/20.3 Scale wheels (Gauge 1)

Also a thank you to RLD Hobbies for another quick and complete shipment of Kadee couplers and a sweet deal on a used tank car that came setup with Kadees and metal wheels!

Nice video, but I got cold watching it!

Just where is this RR located? :+1:

Thanks Bruce! I’m in the most temperate part of southeastern NH. USDA zone 5a. Even in the winter, its very rare to have a week go by without having at least a day above freezing. I generally won’t run trains much below 30deg F.

Great video. Those wheels do look better on that SF caboose.

No thanks. Here in Virginia it’s a balmy 29 deg F. and that seems more than cold enough. At least the snow we got last week is about gone…

That IS a nice video!

I wouldn’t mind seeing your MBTA (or something like that) consist running in the snow. I always enjoy seeing your RR and videos.

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Thanks Todd!!!
Can’t wait to get started on the PRR and CB&Q cabeese!

And thanks Rooster!
That sounds like fun, I will definitely plan to roll out the MBTA sometime soon. The forecast is pretty cold this week, but we’ll see what happens.

BTW …when I saw the topic I instantly thought this.

I once rode a coach on the MBTA that must have had a set of those on!!! Seen plenty of freight cars with flat spot wheels, but never expected I’d ride in coach with them!