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Willamette 3 drum loader

Thought I would start a new thread about this instead of crowding John’s thread once again.
One good thing about the fire and smoke (air quality hazard) we are going through here I have had lots of indoor shop time.

This is the Willamette Loader that was designed by Devon and is being produced by Mike and sold through his ETSY store.

I think it is a very good kit for the price point. It is pretty true to 1:20 scale and represents a very basic model that you can add to.

My only complaint is that the material used is far to brittle for the very small parts that are part of the design. Also I found that the parts were a lot like resin castings in that they have a tendency to warp/grow/shrink just a little.

Overall ; Very satisfied with what I got for the dollars spent.

Some pictures.

The sled, nothing here comes with the kit

The shed, nothing here comes with the kit

The engine, most everything here is in the kit, excluding several details.

The finished model. I haven’t wound the drums or included any rigging at this point, that will come later.


She’s looking good!
I like that shed.
I haven’t built any of the 1:20 series, just the 7/8.
And I have replaced some of the more smaller lines and such with brass.


First of all that is a beautiful build. Thanks for sharing. When we originally designed the kit it was for 7/8ths. I had a lot of requests to make it in 20.3. Unfortunately when reduced in size the parts became fragile. I am always willing to replace any part at no charge. Resin printing is inherently brittle. I use a special blend to help as much as I can without compromising the clean detail of the print. I thank you for your support.


Thank you for caring enough to contribute to this thread.

I was not trying to find fault as much as trying to point out the problems that occur with the fine detail parts in this scale. This seems to be an issue with the material, and of course we can’t rule out clumsy old fingers :grinning:

I am fully aware and appreciative of your stance behind your products as I pointed out in the post about the Dolbeer build.

When can we expect to see the Willamette tower skidder in production :grinning:

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