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Will this charger work on this battery pack?

Can anyone tell me if the following charger will work on the Yello battery pack (outlined in RED) which I purchased to replace the older Power-Sonic Battery PS-605 which is dead?


No, that is a “dumb” charger for a 4 cell Lithium Ion pack. Wrong voltage for youtr 6V pack.

Your Imax charger will do it. Set it for NiCad 6 Volt.

Most Lithium Battery fires and explosions are caused from using the wrong charger. All being said, the correct charger for your batteries is most important for safety and correct charging, plus a built in cutoff to stop charging when the battery is charged. I always use the charger recommended by the seller of the batteries I’m using, battery chargers are cheap compared to a fire in your home. We have ebikes and we now charge our batteries outside away from the house, they are much bigger and pack a lot of power when charged.