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Why has Jim gone silent?

Just checking in, similar to Devon, to let any of you who care know that I’m still around, just have been distracted. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Volunteer software writing with some UCSF researchers working on MS/Parkinsons/Alzheimer’s. This is in honor of my wife, who passed away due to Alzheimer’s in January. And it is a very bright, young, energetic group, which helps keep me hopping.

  • Writing a sci-fi novel with my best friend from high school that we are about to self-publish on Amazon: Uncommon Scents. We are close to putting this book up for sale. Not for everybody. Humorous (we hope) near future sci-fi.

  • Photography. An old hobby that I am resurrecting. Taking a driving trip in August up the Oregon coast, through the Columbia River Gorge, visit a friend in Boise, then back through Crater Lake. On the way I am pleased that @Rick_Marty has offered to show me his railroad. Can’t wait!

At some point, railroads will rise to the top of the priority list again. Sorry to be absent…


Thanks for the synopsis Jim. It was GREAT having some time with you the weekend before last, enjoying some amazing railroad things together.

Best wishes on all your endeavors, railroady and otherwise, and have a BLAST on your trip north!


PS, I finally found what was wrong with my Grizzly feed rate. Was at 1/4" per sec, now over 2"!

Yup. The SteamUp was a hoot. Glad we could meet IRL.

Now: you can’t leave me sitting here wondering what you did to fix the Grizzly bandsaw problem. Cough it up!

Funny you should ask! :grin: I didn’t want to go OT on yer thread, but since you’re making me…

After adjusting everything for the umpteenth time last Saturday, I noticed the blade was at an angle to the fence (in the horizontal plane). This explained the board always wanting to walk away from the fence, and it was getting tiresome keeping it there. Also noticed that the friction of the blade against the side of the cut was eating up the horsepower and converting it to BTU’s!

By adjusting where the blade rode on the drive wheel, and using the inner guide bearings as such, both being no-no per a vid I’d seen, I was able to get the blade parallel to the fence. And then things cut great!

My next prob though is getting semi-clean cuts, but I’ll deposit those thought-droppings on my own thread. :wink: Thanks for asking!

Interesting. When I set my bandsaw up, I tweaked the fence to be parallel to the blade. Did not tweak the blade (i.e. did not change drive wheel or inner guide bearings). I have no idea how to do that, in fact. Tweaking the fence was pretty easy, as I recall. The idea was to get the blade centered in the slot left after cutting (i.e. cut some, back off a bit, blade should be centered in the slot that was cut).

Now, this was a while ago, so I could be mis-remembering… It has happened before!

Here’s a video that I vaguely remember watching:

Um, well, that’s one video I hadn’t seen! Very interesting, I’ll try that method Jim. Thanks much!

Interesting a woodworking video that starts with molten metal and sparks!:rofl: Always learn something watching videos like this. Thanks for posting Jim!