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Who's going to 2019 NGRC Portland?

Well, I am, my wife, and we’ll sync up with Ted D. at the show.

Looks like a lot of effort has been put into the tours, a lot of layouts are listed.

We’ll be there Wed evening - Sat am


I was hoping to make it, but that same week is a week of meetings for the beginning of the school year. If the show is open to the public on Friday, or Saturday I might make a trip south just for the day.

Are you planning on heading north at all?

I want to go but other forces prevent me from attending.

Well, I was planning on making it there, still might but it’s looking like I will have to wait until next year for Nashville. Put me down for a maybe kinda sorta might be there!

I will be there with my wife from Thursday through Saturday. My layout will also be on the pre-convention tour. We hope to see quite a few old friends.

I will be going. Hoping to take the Coast Starlight up and/or back but will likely be staying with family while I am there …

Well I’m not sure I can predict my future, but I’ve been offered a plane ticket and a place to stay, with family … I hope to pry myself away for at least one night with the survivors and train stuff too.

I’m planning on being there, with SWMBO, staying with daughter in Vancouver, Wa, across the Columbia River.

The wife and I will be there Wednesday through Saturday morning.

I’m looking forwards to meeting people in person!

The number of layouts on tour is impressive.


Contemplating. I’m a beer geek- - de Garde, boneyard, Great Notion, Hair of the Dog. Hmmm.

Are you going to be wearing your tags ?

You can find your Tag/membership card by going into your Profile , More + , Membership card… (

If you are asking me Sean, I go without tags, too many people want to shoot me on sight! (

Hmmm … Not you directly Greg… But I do understand your reluctance to were one .

I was just noticing many were going to the show … I was giving the know how to find them… Most would say I didn’t know we had them…

I were mine most of the time that I go to shows… Sometimes I just forget to bring them …

It will depend upon airline miles…

Sean, I think we will all be wearing convention badges at least.

I have a nice T shirt Rooster sent me I will wear:

So anybody want to a west coast drag and brag session?

Coming by plane, probably not dragging anything (

Got nothing to drag, but always willing to get together and brag. (

There was talk awhile back about a group taking the Coast Starlight up, Anyone still up for that?