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White Elephant Table at the NELSTS

The Steam Locomotive Operations Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a White Elephant Table at the NELSTS on April 28-29, 2023.

The Amherst Railway Society, the sponsor of the show, defines “Large Scale” as any of the following: S-scale, O-scale, G-scale, F-scale, 7.25 gauge, 7.5 gauge (1.5" to the foot) and larger. The purpose of the White Elephant Table at the show is to allow attendees to sell any “Large Scale” items they wish to sell.

The Steam Locomotive Operations Group, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) established to issue grants to organizations which provide Hands-on-the-Throttle training to volunteer/apprentice engineers and firemen.


Sellers will be asked to donate $1 for each 5 items they wish to sell to help cover our costs. On completion of sales the seller will donate 10% of the sale as a commission to the Steam Locomotive Operations Group, Inc.

If the seller desires to accept credit cards for their sales an additional 2% of the sale will be charged to cover credit card processing fees.

Volunteers willing to spend 4 or more hours at the show helping out at the booth (arranged in advance) will not have to pay any commission for sales made but are asked to make a small donation based on the sales they made after the event.

Since this is classified as a casual sale by a non-profit, no sales tax will be collected for sales made during the show.


Stan is this just Friday and Sat or thurday also?

At this point in time only the show days which are Friday and Saturday



Thanks very much!

Can one just show up with stuff to sell? Or do items (or their sellers) need to be pre-registered in some manner?



You can just show up with your stuff on either day of the show and leave it on the tables as long as you desire.

When you show up you fill out a card with the desired price and your contact information for each item (or group of items) you wish to sell. You keep half of the card with you and leave the other half with item.

When you wish to check out you return your half of the card… If it has sold you get the proceeds minus the commision, if it has not sold you can take your item.

The only need to register in advance is if you wish to volunteer to help out at the booth during the show.



What a clear and simple system. Whoda thunk?!?

Thanks very much for your help (which I’m sure was very present) in putting all this together.


Getting my pile of stuff ready for the white elephant table…

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The only thing I see hanging around that would be easy to bring is an old Lionel boxcar that I’ve brought to every show for years and it never sells even when listed for cheap :frowning:

And maybe a Big Hauler EBT Caboose that I never run.

Then there is an LGB TOFC (no T) that was going to be bashed to an Fn3 standard gauge flat, but never got to it.

So yeah, I guess I have some stuff to bring.

If anyone would like small pieces of Aluminum sheet (.040and .063" thick) Composite Aluminum in 3mm or 6mm or acrylic, let me know what you want and I’ll bring it. I’m no longer bringing scrap on hopes someone wants it.

I’ve already committed the remains of two old High Density Urethane Foam signs to Cliff. I need to check with the boss, there might be one more he wants to toss.

The plastics and aluminum would be free.

John, I’ll be glad of any aluminum or acrylic, if no one else bites…

OK. Good excuse to clean & organize my “drop” storage at work. I’ll assume the composite (AL foil laminated to plastic core) does not interest you.

Maybe you should rent a van for the trip :laughing:

You bet, the composite stuff is amazing, I’ll take anything you feel like clearing out!

Well, that’ll fit in a small suv… :grin:

I’m afraid I’m a scrap whorder… But if anyone else needs / wants your offerings I’ll be happy to share. :grin:

I will be bringing some coke items to sell, some USA boxcars and a Bachmann Undecorated 2 truck Climax with DCC and sound. The Climax is new in box.

I’m mainly bringing a gob of new/unused Plastruct I-beams; a CM&StP RR bigass loco wrench I can’t find a home for; a box of GR… not a whole lot.

Good to see you this afternoon! I started loading up the car this morning. So far there is 32 Sq. Ft. of 2" HDU foam board in 4 pieces, Another 8SF of 1.5" HDU in 1 piece, 24SF of .25mm Foamed PVC board in 4 pieces, plus a few pieces of .040" and .063" Aluminum sheet and acrylic sheet. I’ll clean out my composite and acrylic drop storage tomorrow.

Sounds great, Jon, thanks!! And again, I’ll be totally fine with others having a share…

[I’d written more, but realized it should be moved to the main Amherst thread]

Does anyone need lead for ballast ?
I have some chucks from old water main joints

How many people and years did it take to get that foamed PVC to me from Bruce? :rofl:
I’m a styrene hoarder so I can’t say much.

The white elephant table was a success. I sold a bunch of my stuff. Lots of product moved.

Yep. I sold 3 out of 5 things I brought. Took in enough cash to pay for lunch both days!