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Which Kadee for new Ten Wheeler

Got my Bumblebee latest gen DCC Ten Wheeler for Xmas. It is really nice looking. Has a bunch of improvements compared to my 5th gen Annie. I run Kadee g scale couplers. The Annie used truck mounted 791s. But The DCC tender now uses a body mount coupler. Which Kadee coupler are people using with the new tender?

I think you should be able to use the standard 906. The coupler box should be at the correct height, since it works with the 20.3 equipment.

If the new Annie is supplied with the big clunky Bachmann couplers (same as provided with the Spectrum line), the coupler box will directly accept the [#900 G Scale Type E Straight Centerset Coupler Only.

I have not tried, and am not sure they will work, but you could try the [#1900 1 Scale Type E Straight Centerset Shank Couplers - Coupler Only.

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Thank you. I will try the #900.
It comes with the big clunky Bachmann knuckle coupler (actually two versions, a high and low position knuckle), a second coupler shaft (for fitting other brands of couplers maybe?), and a LGB style hood and loop. The hook and loop coupler wouldn’t attach to the shaft that was installed. I am not certain about the replacement shaft, as I didn’t want to disassemble the coupler box at this time only to have to rebuild it again when I get my Kadee.

Are you not concerned about the front coupler ?
From the pictures I’ve seen of the “Cow catcher” applied to the latest edition of the 10 Wheeler (Annie), will interfere with the Kadee conversion coupler. No, just cutting off the “Tail” of the coupler will not solve the problem, as any car you try to couple to; its “Tail” will conflict with the “Cow catcher” (Pilot).
I don’t plan on purchasing any more “Annies”…I have more than I need, but if I did; I would “Try” to order a replacement pilot, which was applied to earlier versions, which mounts the same as the latest model, I believe.
Please let me know about this, as the 10 wheeler, with all its improvements is probably the best bargin in steam type locomotives, for 1:22.5, or 1:20.3, and 1:29 scale use. …in spite of the “Suggested retail price” Street price usually is roughly half the amount, if you wait for a sale…!!!
Fred Mills

I honestly haven’t looked at the front one yet. I’ve never used the front coupler on any of my steamers Probably because they don’t work. I also don’t do operations.

I paid $600 for my DCC Annie. Great price with the upgraded chassis and ease of decoder installation. I now don’t have to gut and completely rewire the electronics. It comes with a nice, wired adapter board to solder any decoder to. Plus, I don’t have to reletter this one.

Since we are talking about the front coupler, does it take the same or different coupler and pocket than the previous 5th gen Annie which took a 791 kit? I submitted an email to Kadee before I posted the question here but they haven’t responded yet. Probably due to the holidays.

Probably the same, but the “Long” cowcatcher was always a problem due to the point of it sticking out too far.
You may ask at Kadee, but Sam has retired and I don’t know who is taking his place.
You don’t want to extend the front coupler out any farther than the proper Kadee mount allows, as it causes the coupler swing to be too extreme on curves.
The pictures shown in any publications of the “Latest” edition of the “Annie” all seem to show the long pilot, which used to only be found on the versions with the “Simulated” inside valve gear, the diamond stack, and the wood tender load.
Bachmann is usually “Out-of-stock” of the replacement pilot which can be used to replace the long one.
If anyone runs into this “Problem”, I can try to get GLX to make a replacement.
The front coupler the locomotives come with are what we used to call “Dummy couplers”.
The proper Kadee couplers (Both sizes) look great when properly mounted, and work very well. Body mounting a Kadee coupler on the tender looks and functions very well too. I also body mount the “Loop” coupler on the front of the tender, in such a way that it allows closer coupling, and easier application of a deck plate.
I hope these thoughts help…in case you want to use them.
Fred Mills

Thanks. I have the 791 on the front of my 5th gen Annie with the longer cow catcher. I had to cut off the metal part that hangs down from the coupler to get the coupler to fit properly. Of course, uncoupling will be an issue but I haven’t used the front coupler yet. It seems the point is moot as the cowcatcher would even prevent coupling. The problem is, it has been so long since I did the conversion, I don’t remember what the original coupler mount looks like. But the new version just seems different to me and is giving me pause.
The new gen Annie has a different Loco-Tender coupler. The Loco now has a flat swing arm with two holes. The Tender has a fixed metal pin which fits down into one of the two holes. My bet is the further hole is for tighter radius curves. I just installed a DCC decoder and haven’t run it off the test rollers yet.