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Which glues

When you guys are doing modifications and you need to permanently attach parts, which is the best glue? Epoxy? Black?

When trying to repair broken small detail parts, like hand rails, pipes, valves, hatch hinges, etc.?

I use E6000. It is not an instant clue but it is strong. Sets in about 10 minutes, fully cures in about 12 hours.

Same here, E6000, and the bond can be broken later on, will not “weld” parts . Also good for disparate things like wood to plastics , etc

If I ever had to repair handrails, I would NOT use glue at all - I would re-create the piece using brass wire - it is MUCH stronger.

For other repairs, I also use E6000. I use the black version for stuff that is outside as it has UV protection built in; plus I like the look - for a roof, it looks just like tar - great for holding a roof in place!
I use the clear E6000 for other pieces - it just seems to hold no matter what.

If you’re using it to glue siding in place the E6000 has a tendency to “melt” the siding - for that I prefer something like “Welder” brand - (it’s a contact adhesive.). Important for me is that it easily survives the outdoors.

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The crew of the Triple O strongly suggests E6000…except for foam…unless you don’t want the foam! Even then, if you have a thick coat of latex, you can use E6000 in a pinch, though then you are gluing the glue to the bit which may create its own problems. We heard it called the “second best glue for everything,” and that has proved true for a variety of materials out here in the tropics.

For little bitty parts, though, we use CA glue and an accelerator. Except for foam…


Thanks guys. E6000 on order. Already have superglue.

Being a modeler for some 60 plus years I have some 10 plus glues, epoxy’s, etc’s that I use. Each situation will require a different type of repair, remembering the finish look of the repair plus the strength of the repair are important. All being said, we all model to a different degree that works for us, so you will have the best results on your skill level and if your happy with the repairs then that’s all that counts.