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Where to find Tenmille ground throws?

Anyone know where I can buy some Tenmille ground throws? Are they even still in production? I haven’t had any luck Googling it.

If they’re no longer available, is there a reasonable alternative?

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A friend of mine just returned from England, where he picked up a Brass ground throw, resembling the Tenmille ones. It was rather pricey, he tells me…I’ll try to get the source of them for you.
There is a guy here in Ottawa that sells this stuff, including Tenmille, so I will check with him too…
Fred Mills

I just got word…the “Aging” couple who own Tenmille, are trying to sell the business, without much luck…But they are still in business.
I just Googled them at: and got connected…no problem.

Those look like nice throws for the price, I hope you can find them. I wanted a more scale looking throw, but these are not scale, but will work on my indoor shelf layout, I have also seen them used outdoors. The Bachmann #94648, a higher price, but after shopping around last year I purchased 15 of them for around $14.00 each. Bachmann 94648 G Manual Switch Turnout Stand – Trainz


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