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Tried a few times but can’t get the pic to load

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wow, that would be some build.

Roundhouse (of Doncaster, England) has a Double Fairleigh in #1 gauge live steam, but it resembles the Welsh railways more than those of the U.S.

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Rhode Island

THIS ONE??? :innocent:

McCloud River Railroad tried something like that.
See here.

Edit to say: It didn’t last very long, wouldn’t stay on the rails so was split into two 0-6-0’s

Amazing, thanks Dave. It’s hard to see how those drive rods didn’t collide! And with their white paint highlights, the valve gear and drive train must have been mesmerizing.

The Rhode Island Locomotive works built a variety of interesting engines. See more here RHODE ISLAND LOCOMOTIVE WORKS - a. OVERVIEW
If I ever get the steam bug, I may model the Bristol RR Forney.

And that is what caught my attention Cliff. That twin drive rod crank gave me pause, and with it being so dark it’s hard to see how it works. :sunglasses:

I can see why it would be tough to keep on the track, it doesn’t have any pivot or articulation.

That would be the main problem in building a model of it as neat as it would be, it would have to pivot somewhere.

If you want different, going to Europe provides some great oddballs.

I’ll give you a dollar if you can explain that funky monkey motion drive rod arrangement.

Seems to be a roll pin yoke here that would allow some articulation.image
Text from the link I provided previously: Rhode Island generally built conventional locomotives but Central Mexicano 150 was highly unusual. The double mogul (2-6-0-0-6-2) rode on articulated “bogies” and was a compound. Three were built and shipped in December 1892 and January 1893, construction numbers 2808-2810.

Is this the ALCO site located here?
I’ve been to this site lately

The former site of the Rhode Island Locomotive works which merged to become Alco in 1901 is now a business park known as “The ALCO”

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If you walk around the area all the structures that hold the trash barrels are made up of scrap pieces of stuff probable found in spare parts or pieces found on the floor of the old shop. One building were they are holding functions , is large and you can see were a crane had run the length of the building. Been there several time and I like just looking all over the area. Just too cool

I found it amazing how many had lifespans of 30 or more years!