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Wheel stops

Another prototype hot off the printer. Wheel stops.

I like wheel stops more than track bumpers for certain applications, and it looks like Im on the right track (HA!). This is the first prototype, to get an idea of prototypical size vs practical needs. I need to thin the web a bit, trim the front lower sides to clear the flanges (and tun the rivet heads into bolts), and add a bit more detail to make it look cast, but they fit nicely on the Sunset Valley code 250 I use.

I don’t know with Ken it could be just a ramp …


I have thought about making some of these as well, however with most of our narrow gauge equipment having outside hung brake beams that will interfere with this type, when rolled tight against them. in most places I have used a stop/bumper that the coupler hits on.

Al P.

Sean McGillicuddy said:

I don’t know with Ken it could be just a ramp …

Here’s V5

And a comparison, left-to-right, of how I got to the finished product.

Initial design, thinned and added temporary rivets, slightly shorter, cut for flange clearance, and final.