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What do you call it....?

What do you call your railroad, if it is a Model Railroad, which just happens to be outside, surrounded by real life, and is used to model the operations of a real railroad. (In this case, in Large Scale) ???
Fred Mills

I call it The Railroad or My Railroad. It’s not really a model of anything.
My wife calls it my obsession.

A simple single track that loops around the yard, over bridges and through the village. For me to sit back and watch my trains I built to run by.

My garden railroad, so if someone does not have the knowledge of outdoor railroads it might just peak their interest.

When I’m talking to those outside the hobby I call it a Garden Railroad because that is a term most know and it tells them it’s outside.

Myself, I consider it to be a model railroad, some of which, runs outside through gardens and landscaped areas. My main focus is on track, backgrounds for photography, and structures.

While I do like operations, and my point-to-point was specifically built with operations in mind, as of late I just run trains and randomly spot and pick up cars with no orders at all. The purpose of that is to set up scenes for photography which is where I get most of the pleasure of running trains.

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When I tell non modelers what I’m doing I describe it as “an elevated outdoor model railroad that is based on a prototype”. If their eyes don’t glaze over I continue with more details…

Well mine doesn’t fit the definition you put out , but it’s called Babs River Railroad

after Babs our late lab collie mix

Well, it used to be a “Garden Railroad in Progress”, but now it’s just GONE! :innocent:

Just for the record; I usually refer to our railroad, as a “Model Railroad” which happens to be out of doors in the real World.

Like others have said when I talk with non railroaders I just refer to mine as an outdoor model railroad.
If they show any interest beyond polite then I will add further information. When I see their mind start to drift and/or their eyes start to glaze I throw in something random like; How about those Ducks, or sure is hot this Summer. :smiley:

We call it the “garden railroad” or simply “the railroad.” Model is sort of implied (and sort of relative in 1:24-ish PLAYMOBIL scale!).